Day 20: Supernatural stuff?

This is rather… extreme…

This post can be rather surprising as I played many JRPGs and many of guys probably think that I would put JRPG as my pick… but no…

I like horror…

not going to post pics since I dun wanna scare readers off

namely Outlast 1 and 2, Resident Evil, 5 Nights at Freddy’s etc etc…

Why I love horror? Probably the only game out there that makes me scream like a lunatic whenever jumpscares happen…

I did stream Outlast 2 a few months back, it doesn’t feel great… Screaming like crazy every night, and then I question myself constantly why I play this stupid game… Hahaha… I’m weird.

Tomorrow will be work day, but not the whole day, so I will be posting another 2 more posts. Next post will be rather controvesial I guess. I do like sequels, but not all of them…

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