Day 19: I wanna live here…

Hello all, back to writing blog posts again… My throat is getting better but still sound a bit coarse.

Now back to regular scheduled 30Days spamming.

This is a rather interesting topic because I have many worlds that I want to be in… To be honest, I wish SAO is a legit game so that I can actually state it as a world I want to be in. There are SAO games right now but their setting are pretty tragic to be in so I will pass.

The world I want to be in would probably be…

Fairy Fencer F

This world may be even more tragic than the SAO games I mentioned earlier, but the adventures in that game is seriously entertaining.

It gives off a Victorian vibe to its houses and it looks great, looks nice and cozy too. Furniture looks pretty classy. I would love to live in one.

The adventure side of things, it has nearly infinite amount of possibilities. You pretty much can hunt monsters as a full-time job, it may be tiring but it’s fun. Probably will never get sick of it.

Getting married and have a family there will sound pretty awesome too… Ok, I am getting a bit too far-fetched so I’m just gonna stop there.

A honorable mention will be Gamindustri… Preferably Planeptune… Because purple is my favorite color and I can be full-time gaming streamer there I guess LOL.

Well, that’s it for this one… The next post will probably be rather… erm… spooky? I guess.

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