Day 16: Long storylines….

Back to scheduled regular posting after such an eventful weekend. Hehe.

I’m skipping Day 14 and 15 because I don’t have anything to write for those.

Today is something that probably is weird for the general gamer’s perspective because they hate long cutscenes, but cutscenes for me are fine. FFXIII had lengthy cutscenes, Star Ocean 4 had a lot of cutscenes too, but I’m like them, because the story they are telling was worthwhile.

The game with the best cutscenes… is gotta be Lightning Returns: FFXIII.

Crystal Tools game engine at it’s peak, made the storytelling a whole lot more immersive. Length was still quite an issue but the pros about FFXIII is that the cutscene and combat is seamless, so it feels like the whole game is a cutscene, with you being involved.

So yeah that’s about it. More posts incoming because I backlogged the posts by 4 days so I have to do 3 more.

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