Day 12: I’m not sure about this one…

Hello all, sorry the blog has been pretty dead for quite sometime, work killed me like crazy for the past week, but its the weekends now I can write again. Will be writing as many as possible.

This is a hard one to be honest, but I think this game will be just fine.

Little Busters English Edition

Based on the Perfect Edition in Japan, so this game is the complete package of all of Little Busters games.

Why? For those who watched the anime and is pretty unsatisfied with how J.C.Staff made the show, you guys should really play this game. Its a pretty lengthy game, so if you are a slow player like me, can probably last a month, especially when this is a complete game, its a lot longer than the original game.

It’s an all-ages game, so don’t worry that your parents will judge you.

More posts will be coming over the weekends, so don’t worry, this blog ain’t dead yet.

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