Day 10: This is fun to play.

This is so me back in the days…

Sorry for not posting anything for the past few days, roadtrip was tiring enough, then I had work for a whole day making it worse. I probably won’t do full day shifts ever again, so blogging and streaming will be more consistent next week onwards.

Well, best gameplay is probably the hardest one to pick to-date, but after a long mulling weekend to think. I eventually picked one.

Final Fantasy XIII

Only the first game, the enhancements on the 2nd and 3rd were ok, but not what I expected and wanted.

Why this game? They managed to blend in turn-based combat in such a fluid manner that it nearly doesn’t feel like a turn-based system. FFXV follows the similar pattern, but I seen the combat system even more exciting and stuff, but I didn’t play that one yet so I cannot put it at the top of my list just yet.

Expect more sporadic posts this week as work is really taking a big chunk of my time, my apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Day 11 will be pretty damn easy to pick, some of you might already know the answer already.

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