Day 8: This Melody is Great.


Hello, another day, another post.

Today is my favorite OST. EASY PICK.

My pick for best OST in video games is…

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/LR


All 3 of them sounded great. Lightning’s theme hands down gets the pick for best theme. I haven’t played FFXV yet so I cannot comment on that, so far people are saying the soundtrack is lit. So for now XIII will take my pick.

Some honorable mentions are…

The Nep series, its ok for them to keep reusing the OST, because it doesn’t feel bland at all. 4 Goddesses Online did get a change in OST for the sake of fitting into the setting, but not my kind of thing.

The other will be specifically Star Ocean 4. It has a pretty long lasting music feel for me, I love it.

Tomorrow will be a bit hard to pick, but definitely from a Visual Novel, so a heads-up. So till tomorrow.

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