Day 3: This game needs more appreciation.

Herro, looks like the posts are doing well so far, and I enjoyed writing this so far.

I hope you enjoy reading them too. Previous days are already in the 30 days challenges categories, go check them out!

Today is a rather interesting topic. Underrated game.

I have one game that I find it underrated, not many people know this game exists.

Tomoyo After ~It’s a Wonderful Life~

Part of the Clannad franchise, but this game solely concentrates on Tomoyo. This game has two versions, the 18+ or the PG version. I played both. 18+ will definitely be a lot longer.

This game brought me comedy, romance and feels like never before. The backstory is actually pretty damn deep in a small package.

This VN is rather short, I completed the PG version in like 10-12hours. There are choices, just make the right choices and you will go to the real ending eventually.

Actually my review is here, so have a good read!

That’s it for me today. This game is definitely worth checking out.

Tomorrow is gonna be a pretty “interesting” post, a post probably I don’t want my girlfriend to find out… Stay tuned.

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