Day 2: This is a hard one

Hello, Day 2 is here now and already on towards one of the hardest topic: Favorite Character.

If you missed out on Day 1, just scroll towards the categories on the left and you will see the 30 Day Video Game Challenge category and click that. If you want to see my 30 Day Anime Challenge, its over at the categories too.

Now… about this one… I think I will list 3, same as yesterday.

Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia)

Used to like Neptune, then Nepgear, maybe Vert but I settled down with her.
Why? Because she’s lonely, just like me, in the past. She has her cute side when she’s embarrassed. Ahhh…

Oerba Dia Vanille (Final Fantasy XIII)

The ever-optimistic, ever-cheerful Vanille. Her personality is totally needed for me to turn my frown and sad lips around. I actually wish she exists.

Eryn (Fairy Fencer F)

She needs to exist, to start an isekai adventure for me. But yeah, her personality is equally bubbly too.

I have a lot of more, but these are my top 3, for now. People’s taste changes and mine too.

Tomorrow’s post will be interesting, underrated game, sounds like a recommendation post. See ya

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