This Blog is Officially a Toddler!

Time flies, I opened this blog on March 10, 2014, and now its already March 13, 2018 (at the point of writing this) so its 4 years (and 3 days) old.

Making this blog wasn’t easy, especially for the first 3 months, when audience gathering was a struggle.

Slowly, after socializing with a bunch of other anibloggers, things took a massive turn and I get my 100 followers in less than a year and my 200th in like the next 6months. 300 came at a slower pace but eventually got it too in under 3 years.

That was the drive that made me wanna blog more and more. Eventually I written 600+ posts at the point of this writing. People told me it’s a feat especially for a blog that is only 4 years, but I find it rather ok. This is why motivation was key, making 600 posts look like a normal thing.

Then the award nominations trend starts kicking off and I followed it of course. The questions during nominations opened me up a lot because I was a pretty shy guy at the beginning of the blogging journey so I was hesitant to reveal stuff I faced IRL.

My blog’s overlay and themes had been redone a dozen of times, in a way to keep the blog fresh. This has pretty much given me a notorious reputation of waifu changing.

I want to thank you guys for the support for the past 4 years and hopefully I can write for another 4 years more for you guys. Post will be slower from this point on as job and school is starting to take a large share of my 24hours pie, but I will be active on my Twitter if you guys wanna find me for anime recommendations or other weird random stuff.

Meanwhile, if you are new and enjoy reading my content, follow this blog, Twitter and Twitch! I do gaming livestreams too. I have 2 Twitter accounts by the way, but it’s up to you if you want to follow both.

I’m currently fundraising for my blog fees so if you want to support me, you can donate at the top right of this post. Or hit up the affiliate links, it also supports the site. If you want to support my Twitch livestreams, hit up my Amazon wishlist and gift me a mic, I will worship you.

I also have a Patreon and Ko-fi if you want to support me.



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