2nd Round: Angel Beats

Hello all~ Back for more rewatch thinking moments.

Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few days, CNY got me choked with my free time and all I have time is to stream games.

Well, I rewatched Angel Beats again and see if I can still feel the emotional impact I had the first time I finished it.

Reactions was neutral with my previous post, so I decided to write it instead, since my currently watching is running out of shows to finish.


Yeah, definitely a lot of those “Eh? Did this happen?” moments, but the only moments or scenes or eps I will never forget is probably the slow mo to the roof scenes, the OVAs and the endings.

Because the first time I watched the show, it gave me such an emotional scar that I will never forget, the ending did not impact me like the first time, expected. But the ending still gets me every time. I love it.

Story pacing was pretty good, wasn’t slow like NagiAsu, which made rewatching this show not a chore. They had only 13eps so had to pace the show pretty fast, something I kinda complained during my first watch.

OVAs provided me a pretty decent laugh still, even though I pretty much remembered both OVAs.


Otonashi Yuzuru

Still hands down my favourite male character so far. His personality is great, versatile and never a burden to the story telling. His reason of death is probably one of the most tragic yet noble deaths I have seen so far, in all of the “sacrifice self for the greater good” deaths. He was so close to being saved from the rescue team, dammit. I admire him. He will probably be an extremely romantic person if he was still alive or he eventually manages to date Kanade.

Nakamura Yuri

Badass, vigilant and sensitive. She’s great in nearly every way, but far from being perfect. Her life is pretty tragic, but her death is pretty much unknown. She can be a wonderful person in life if she lived or at least even without the robbery happening. Character development is pretty lacking on her part as one of the main casts which isn’t surprising since they only had this many eps to cover.

Tachibana Kanade

Also another main character with lacking of depth. It would be nice if they could reveal more details about her. She’s extremely cute imo, I screamed internally when I saw her again in the show. The ending with Yuzuru is pretty incredible and I probably will never forget.

Hinata Hideki

Yuzuru’s best bud in the afterlife. I love his interactions with Yuzuru and the homo-undertone jokes surrounding the both of them. It’s just great. Yuzuru would be a boring character without this fine man. Poor guy got hit by a truck and his regret in life is pretty relatable I must say.


A literal clown. Actually surprised that Hideki actually likes her. Kind of surprised she was related to Yuzuru back on Earth and then finally gets her final wish fulfilled with Hideki’s most clutchiest marriage proposal, then she disappears. One of the major turning points of the series which turned this show incredibly serious, despite all the heavy and intense humor.

The rest didn’t do much to give me much of an impression, so I will just write a summary of each character instead.

TK – He speaks English?!
Naoi Ayato – Surprisingly irritating during the rewatch, he was ok during my first time watching. Maybe because of his two-faced personality that turned me off.
Takamatsu – Another literal clown. Was a pity to see him become an NPC, but eventually he managed to make a comeback and disappear, RIP dude.
Noda – Another clown, also Yuri’s pet dog tbh.
Shiina Eri – Mysterious with the ninja stuff. Is she from like the past or something?
Yusa – Gotta love her extreme composure towards everything, good or bad.
Fujimaki – Another pet dog of Yuri’s, irritating clown.
Matsushita – Hmm, he really needs to lose some weight, he looks like a sumo than judo practitioner.
Oyama – Hmm, not sure if a guy or a girl tbh.
Takeyama – He’s like me with that Chuunibyou senses, but I don’t have his hacking skills so yeah.
Iwasawa Masami – Nothing much to say tbh, she’s great in a lot of ways. But such a pity they hired someone else to do the singing, same as Yui.
Hisako – Gotta love that mahjong luck, but actually jealous.
Irie Miyuki – Cutie no.1 of the band.
Sekine Shiori – Cutie no.2 of the band with a mind of a coup leader.


It still looks great for current anime standards. The lack of keyframes is the main weakness of the show with the frequent slow motion and intense action shows. Colors were vivid and character designs were awesome, this made Kanade one of the long lasting best girl I had.


I still love it till this day. Maeda Jun knows how to compose music that is long-lasting even after 8 years of looping.


I love them all, suiting them all in every way. My only gripe is them hiring actual singers to cover for the seiyuu during singing when they have the ability o pull off the songs themselves. Kitamura Eri’s vocals is so powerful than she sings rock/metal in her music in her music career. Debuting LiSA can be done in other ways, but this is a blalant sellout. At least both singers did their job well, so the gripe is minimized.

This pretty much wraps up the rewatch thinking session. I still have plenty of rewatch posts planned so stay tuned.

After this one, my next post will be my 600th post, holy shit. Writing 600 articles in nearly 4 years, I’m surprised I can do this all by myself to be honest.

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