2nd Time Round: Nagi no Asukara (Part 1)

Hello all,

I plan to make this a thing if this post gains traction.

What is this all about? I will be rewatching shows that I love or emotionally disturbed due to certain elements of the show, and then review them again, not anime-wise but about how I feel about the show now since its been awhile from my first watch.

For those who didn’t read my review I wrote back in 2015: Click here
I also wrote an reflection too: Click here

So we kick things off with the first 13 eps of NagiAsu, the show that shook me for the first time as an anime viewer. It’s been 3 years since my first watch, I never intended to rewatch this show because of how much damage it caused, but yeah, still watched it.

Let’s kick things off with the story.


Its been 3 years, so there are moments where I feel like “Eh? I thought this happened?” or “I thought it was supposed to be like this?” but slowly everything starts to come back to me.

The first half is the slightly lighthearted part so I don’t feel anything emotional yet. Can’t wait to break down in the 2nd half, oh boi.

I wish the pacing could have been a lot faster as there are times where I have no trouble catching up which isn’t bad, but it’s slowly turning stale. Rewatching the first half felt very slow.


Isaki Kaname

Ah, we meet again, doppelganger.

So far the first half is ok. Seeing him during ep1 already giving me some Vietnam flashbacks, already. It wasn’t so bad. The confession scene did blow me away a little bit. The part when Kaname got pulled back into the ocean also blew me away, but to a much bigger extent. But already having some slight PTSD feels already on the first half, I’m actually afraid of watching the 2nd half.

Hiradaira Chisaki

She was my best girl and she still is.

I find her weirdly annoying this time round. Very indecisive, way too timid for her character and she needs to speak out more. Now that I watch her, I really don’t get why she was my best girl of the show. If I remember correctly, she tends to get slightly more irritating on the second half, but we’ll see.

Mukaido Manaka

She has too much of the spotlight.

She may be one of the main characters list, but she’s the one that don’t nothing much. Okada Mari’s main weakness sometimes when she does the series composition is that she writes the character’s personality incredibly well, but she gives the spotlight to the wrong people. Kaname and Chisaki tends to get left out and gives Manaka so much attention when she’s doing nothing. She can get annoying but because she rarely does anything big, she’s not as annoying as Chisaki. 2nd half will finally scale better with the spotlight sharing, as she was out of the picture for quite awhile of 2nd half.

Sakishima Hikari

Why does everyone likes him?

The most impulsive, annoying guy I have seen so far in my anime viewing life. Just when you think Shinn Asuka is impulsive, then here comes this guy. He deserves the spotlight and attention, because there is a lot going on with this guy. The harem tones of the show can be rather turn off-ish, because that is not the main focus of the show, so it felt rather poorly written. He will be gone for quite a bit in the 2nd half, and if my memory serves correctly, he was slightly mature in the 2nd half too, let’s see how things goes.

Kihara Tsumugu

Why is he even here?

Because he didn’t get much attention so he looked like he did nothing, even though he did a lot of stuff behind the scenes, so he looks like a cameo than part of the main cast. Another poorly written character in the attention side. He’s a cool guy, or actually way too cool for his age.

Shiodome Miuna

Didn’t give much of an impression.

She did a lot, but nothing impactful, so my memories of her in the 1st half was kinda fuzzy. So far she’s being nothing much but a cute girl. I wish this girl had more attention, she totally deserved it.

Hisanuma Sayu

Hmm, who is she again?

Weirdly, I remember her over Miuna even though Miuna is supposed to be the higher ranks in the character list. She will get much bigger share of the spotlight during the 2nd half so I can’t wait.


I loved the songs back in my 2015 review and I still love it now. OP2 and ED1 were my favorites.

Voice cast

Nothing much has changed for me, I still loved the cast.

Well, overall, 1st half felt good, a bit slow, but still finished 13eps, will be watching the 2nd half pretty soon, so stay tuned.

So yeah like I said at the start, if this posts gets positive responses, I will make this a thing and start posting other shows as soon as I finish rewatching.

Why suddenly go into the rewatching route? I have massively cleared my currently watching list to the point its as close to the seasonal shows now, which also lead to lack of content for the past few weeks.

I could have picked other shows, but I think nothing really caught my eye so far. You guys can help me out with recommended shows for me in my Twitter or my comment sections of my blog post, then I will watch them asap and also write them.

Any thoughts just post in the comment sections too.

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