CLOW CARD~~~~: Cardcaptor Sakura Movies


I decided to combine both movies into one post, because both movies are great but doesn’t really need one post each.

Both movies are 80mins long.

Movie 1

Sakura and gang goes to Hong Kong, and meeting the love rival of the century.

Storyline is good ol’ Sakura-themed but stretched, without omitting of details and slowing down the pacing. Pacing may be on the slow side, especially for a 80min movie, but it doesn’t fail to entertain. My only gripe is the length, 80min do seemed a bit short. Character development has always been Sakura’s selling point and this movie is still great at it. Climax is pretty lit. Ending is out of the equation as we move on to…

Movie 2

This movie is probably the deepest one of the series. Storyline is splendid, pacing slightly faster now and the plot twists are pretty well-timed. Character developments are at a new high and romance is greatly highlighted. 80mins length is an issue, but they tried to make it feel like its longer. Climax is pretty incredible. Ending is sweet and wrap up is pretty complete. Overall, just a sweet, normal adventure gone wrong then turned into a happy ending.

Animations by Madhouse, as usual. Nothing to nitpick, just standard animations from the show itself.

Music is great.

Cast list got slightly expanded from the already long as hell list. Namely Mitsuishi Kotono, Sakamoto Maaya, Toma Yumi etc etc. A pretty lit list overall.

Score: Movie 1 | Movie 2

Story: 8/10 | 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10 | 8.5/10

VAs: 9/10 | 9/10

If you watched the 70eps, just watch the movie, its just 2hr 40min overall.

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