So… 20 years, any difference?: Dragon Ball Kai

Hello hello. Well, with Dragon Ball Super ending in March, I think this is a good time to write about this one before Super ends.

So what is this Kai all about? A Dragon Ball show that is faithful to the 2nd half of the Dragon Ball manga with all the irrelevant fillers removed to make the whole series become more fast-pacing and more action packed.

This review will be different, I will be comparing with the original with a list of pros and cons.


  • Filler removal and lower episode count

    The original had to have fillers to buy time for the manga to reach its next arc. With the manga completed 20 odd years ago, the Kai removed the fillers and moves on according to the manga, reducing the episode count, budget and also increases pacing.


  • Nostalgia with modern paint

    Well, this is kind of controvesial. The show did get its 1080p widescreen treatment, which is great, but there are many flaws that I will have to write it in the cons section later.


  • Voice acting redone

    Thats what the official memo said, it sounds like the original, but slightly better in audio quality. Nothing much to write here.


  • New Music

    OP and ED are new, BGMs were also recomposed, sounds better imo, the old ones were too powerful for my taste.

This pretty much wraps up the pros side.


  • The Remaster looks very cheap.

    To be honest, I don’t even think this is worthy to be called a Kai. The good animation sequences are only the OP and EDs, the show itself is a heavily upscaled version from the original. The bluray version looks better, but its like other Bluray releases of old shows, 4:3 with 1080p. But the colors looked better in the Bluray too.
  • The new pacing sometimes throws the show a bit off course. 

    The shows ends at different timings from the original. The fast pacing isn’t really that much faster to be honest. It still kind of drags the story a bit.

Well thats pretty much it for the list. Overall, its still a great show in and out, despite the pretty glaring flaws of the remaster.

Well, everyone’s big question now is that will Super continue after Kitaro? God knows, a Kitaro season can last for over 100eps+ so we have to wait for 2-3 years for Kitaro to end and see if Toriyama Akira wants to continue making more Dragon Ball. I did heard that he hated making Dragon Ball because of the popularity and he hates being at the spotlight all the time.

There are many factors that will make a sequel to Super very unlikely, but we will have to wait and see.

For nostalgic sake, this 100+eps of old school goodness is worth it.

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