I have created a Patreon!


After months and months of thinking and contemplating…

I eventually decided on making a Patreon.

It’s right here.

I have been thinking for months, reason why I decided not to make one is because I’m not the type that asks for money from anyone and I feel like I cannot handle the money people gives me. I do have a serious sense of guilt for making this.

It looks simple, but its only temporary. Once I can grow into an audience, I will start adding rewards or other goals.

This Patreon funding thing is only temporary. Once I achieve financial stability in the future, I will close it down.

And also, all funding I got from Patreon will all go towards the blog and my Twitch livestreaming activities.

I want to thank all those in advance who decides to support what I love to do, no matter pledges are big or small.

Meanwhile, if you are new and enjoy reading my content, follow this blog, Twitter and Twitch! I do gaming livestreams too. I have 2 Twitter accounts by the way, but it’s up to you if you want to follow both.

I’m currently fundraising for my blog fees so if you want to support me, you can donate at the top right of this post. Or hit up the affiliate links, it also supports the site. If you want to support my Twitch livestreams, hit up my Amazon wishlist and gift me a mic, I will worship you.



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