Zero Uniqueness: Zero no Tsukaima

Hello all. My first post of 2018 with a lot of other posts planned.

I will be spanning this anime into 4 posts since there are 4 seasons.

Light novel origin, first season ran for 13 eps.

Storyline starts off pretty decently. Kind of expecting a lot since this show had 4 seasons. But as the season moves on, it becames increasingly stale and monotone. Generic tsundere MC really made the show a whole lot more flatline than usual. Not enjoying the season one bit. Climax tried to salvage the mess but it didn’t bring much of an impression. Pacing is slow, character development is disappointing, nearly zero plot twists. Ending is rather insignificant since there are more seasons coming up for me. Joy.
Overall, it felt like a sham, failing to bring any exciting things to the table. Fanservice abundant but failed to impress. I have never watched a show which I feel like a total waste of time and also not even worthy to be a time killer.

Animations by J.C.Staff. Absolutely disappointing. Probably because Shana was airing at the same timeframe as this one, so they concentrated their efforts on Shana, a rather logical choice. Character designs look worse than the LN, animations felt like paper over another piece of paper, colors are bland. A 2006 anime that looks like 2000, great job J.C.Staff.

Music is decent. OP felt good for awhile, then it became stale. ED sounds slightly better. BGMs were average.

Cast list on the other hand, gets the huge part of the budget. Rie x Satoshi couple is also part of this show. Hino Satoshi, Kugimiya Rie, Gotou Tetsuo, Suzuki Noriko, Suzuki Takuma, Inokuchi Yuka, Sakurai Takahiro, Takahashi Mikako, Tokita Hikaru, Kawasumi Ayako, Shimura Tomoyuki, Higuchi Akari, Suzuki Kumiko, Horie Yui, Inoue Nanako. J.C.Staff decides plays safe and pull off the Rie x Satoshi coupling for this show and side-by-side with Shana. The cast list is probably the only one that makes up to the show.


Story: 5/10

Art: 6/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Recommended? If you haven’t watch it yet, don’t do it. Otherwise you will have to sit through 4 seasons of hell.

If you can choose between Zero and Shana, just watch Shana, its way more worthwhile and the romance is way more deep. Tsundere in Shana is slightly less generic than Zero. To make it simple, Shana is in all aspects way better than Zero. Animations, music, plot, everything. The only flaw Shana had was the huge timegap between S2 and S3. The S OVA didn’t really tell us much about the developments between S2 and S3. Ending gave me an incredible amount of feels that I cried at the ending. Shana deserves 4 seasons more than Zero.

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