Happy 2018~


848655It’s 2018 in my timezone.





Just kidding, Happy New Year.

This post is actually a look-back/reflection post.

I entered 2017 thinking that it’s going to be like 2016, if not, worse.
Blogging and blogging, looking at lackluster numbers all over my stats page.

Until June, my blog skyrocketed because of Koe no Katachi and it has reached 4.5k views in total, which is even better than my Black Bullet post in 2016. Then the blog never stopped growing until I hit 300 followers in a matter of months after the Koe no Katachi skyrocket.

Personally, 2017 never was smooth. Ups and downs, depression and then resurgence. The pain, the suffering went thru it all.

But yeah, hopefully 2018 will be better. But don’t think so.

Sorry to end your 2017 on such a low note, but I think that 2017 wasn’t a good year for me personally.

So yeah, I will see you guys in 2018! Happy New Year!

Meanwhile, if you are new and enjoy reading my content, follow this blog, Twitter and Twitch! I do gaming livestreams too. I’m currently fundraising for my blog fees so if you want to support me, you can donate at the top right of this post. Or hit up the affiliate links, it also supports the site. If you want to support my Twitch livestreams, hit up my Amazon wishlist and gift me a mic, I will worship you.


3 responses to “Happy 2018~

  1. Hmm: well I like to think of it this way: you have reached a couple of amazing milestones for your blog. And yes it definitely sounds like you had some rough times in 2017. But: you managed to overcome them all: and in the process write some truly fun posts as well. So: look back at that: be confident of yourself, and also be proud. It’s good at times to reflect like that and I’m pretty positive that all your followers on this blog, are enjoying the great reads that you have provided. I hope 2018 will be a year that will bring goodness and fun: because it really sounds like you could use that a bit. Happy new year to you,and see you in 2018 (which is about 5 more hours for me 😀😀) .

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  2. Optimistically, I hope your 2018 will be a better year ahead;
    Realistically, here’s wishing that you’ll be able to overcome the challenges and enjoy the positivities that 2018 will bring to you 🙂

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