Hey look its my username!: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Reflection

Hey all. Managed to watch this one a few days ago. 2017 last post here we go.

Original material. 1hr 47min movie. Serving as Part 1, Detonation is Part 2.

Storyline is pretty decent for a Part 1. Pacing is a little bit on the slow end. I find the 2hr plus on the previous Nanoha movies very lengthy, can be quite tiring to stay awake, especially when you watched both seasons and the story changes were rather minimal. 1hr 47min length is ok. The enemies this time is rather ruthless. The antagonist totally deserve to be in the Top 10 Anime Betrayals list.

The anime for the first 3 seasons had psychological darkness, but the movies is currrently moving slightly towards the gore side. With the ruthlessness of the antagonists, its even more darker.

The buildup is pretty decent. The battles were great. Climax was just entertaining. It’s a nicely planned first part, and glad they made it a 2 part film. If they were to squeeze both movies into 2 hrs, it will be incredibly rushed. Ends off with a cliffhanger, but this one felt different. Most movies with 2 parts, after watching the cliffhanger of part 1, I feel like I need to watch part 2 for the sake of completing. But this movie made me REALLY want to watch part 2, and not many movies made me feel that way.

Overall, I love it. One of best Nanoha movies right now so far, the movie is exceeding my expectations and is also getting better than the anime at this point. Part 1 and already this entertaining, oh I can’t wait to see what Part 2 brings.

Seven Arcs on the animation, like it should be. Looking at you A-1. They did some character design revisions and made Fate become the cutest in this movie. Hayate is close 2nd and Nanoha has to take third. The antagonist looks pretty great this time. Combat scenes quality looks about the same as the first two movies, which is great enough. Nothing to nitpick around here.

Music is great. BGMs were nice, ED was fine. Nothing much to be impressed or complain about.

The casting is great. The same old cast from the previous movies with a bunch of new characters. Some of them were voiced by the same cast, while the others were voiced by Tomatsu Haruka, Sato Satomi, Hikasa Yoko, Ito Shizuka. Nicely casted, Hikasa Yoko has been voicing villains in recent times and this one is probably her most badass role so far. Tomatsu Haruka sounds like her usual self, Satomi sounds pretty new.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8.5/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended. This timeline is way better than the anime. Can’t wait for Part 2 next year.

And this wraps up my last post for 2017. Hopefully 2018 will be another great year in blogging. And I wish you a happy new year!

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