This Flower Feels So Heavenly: Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – I. Presage Flower

Heyo everyone. Just finished watching this at the point of writing this. So I should be fresh.

This will be a movie trilogy adapting the Heaven’s Feel route of the original FSN. This is not a surprising move, because the movie skipped a lot of the intro that was featured in Deen’s first FSN and UBW, so the amount of content can be compressed into 3 movies, without much plot removal and trimming.

This route, or at least ufotable’s portrayal of it, is undoubtedly the darkest route of FSN to date. The story pacing is rather quick even at the beginning so you won’t be bored and dry about the intro. The intro from UBW was omitted so you only get to watch the new content, they also took the chance of compressing the intro extremely to make an opening credits scene, and also incredibly late in the movie. The story took a very dark turn with the appearance of True Assassin. Many of my favourite heroes like Rider, Assassin, Caster were all eliminated incredibly early, surprisingly. The dark turn of events doesn’t stop here, story turns very gorey, the absorption of heroes and also my most brutal experience of murder in anime since Tokyo Ghoul or Mirai Nikki or even Elfen Lied. The fights were intense and the consequences were sad. Many mew characters debuts in this route, my long-awaited Saber Alter, True Assassin, and Shinji and Sakura’s hentai grandfather. The climax was split into quite a few battles, so the amount of highs in the movie is pretty much the 2nd half of the movie. Sakura’s hidden beauty is shown quite a lot in this movie, just when I thought that I saw her hidden charisma in Carnival Phantasm. For a Part 1, this movie already living up expectations, its a must-watch.

Animations by the incredible Unlimited Budget Works meme owner, ufotable. This time the budget gets a MASSIVE BUMP. Character designs were extensively revised, especially Rider, Caster and Berserker. The designs were so great that Rider takes top spot for best girl for me, I never seen Rider in such a seductive way before, Rider also slightly changed my tastes too. Combat scenes were EVEN better than UBW. The gore is unprecedented in the history of FSN adaptation, its just wonderful. Its a near perfect package. Colors felt vivid too.

Music is great as usual. BGMs nicely composed, EDs are good. Oh Kajiura Yuki is composing, NO WONDER IT SOUNDED SO FAMILIAR.

The cast remains the same, but a few more are added. Inada Tetsu, Tsukayama Masane as True Assassin and Mato Zoken respectively.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 9.5/10

Music: 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended, especially if you follow the FSN series, its an excellent piece of intro, can’t wait to see how much darkness this route can bring in the future 2 parts.

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