Gore and Fanservice that don’t mix: Isuca

Hey all. Well, another review to write… NEVER DOING THIS AGAIN.

Manga origin. Still ongoing. Anime ran for 10 eps with 1 OVA.

The story is erm… just plain awkward. Setting and concept felt like a weird blend. I appreciate the additional gore that Arms had did compared to Brynhildr, but the fanservice included in the show is wrongly timed, awkwardly placed and confusing me. This lead me to unable to watch the show with a proper attitude and judgement. Some character development is there, but all negated by the confusing scenes and plot. Climax felt decent, ending felt abrupt. OVA came as a fanservice/mystery episode I guess. Overall, I love the gore this show brings, but the fanservice is either unnecessary or needs better atmosphere and timing. This show has too many glaring flaws, thank god its only 11 eps.

Animations by Arms. Character designs were honestly weird, I have seen better designs from Arms and this is not one of them. Colors felt weird, gore is a lot more explicit compared to Brynhildr a few years ago. Its better to watch the bluray version for a better experience. Combat scenes felt normal.

Music is decent. Not a fan of the OP, but the ED was better. BGMs were ok.

Cast list is pretty decent. Komoto Keisuke, Kido Ibuki, Takamori Nao, Morikawa Toshiyuki, Fujimura Ayumi, Kouda Yumeha, M.A.O, Otani Ikue, Kohinata Akane, Zogo Saeko, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Sadohara Kaori. Good cast, weird roles casting. Some of them don’t really fit.


Story: 7/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Recommended? Not really, there are better shows out there if you want gore with fanservice.

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4 responses to “Gore and Fanservice that don’t mix: Isuca

  1. we meet a normal 17 year old boy named Adam Lee he lives in a man made island called blue sky island its population is about 1111 people this island is located east of japan’s mainland.


  2. i have a brand new anime or manga taking place in the year 4000 on the earth after humanity made contact with extraterrestrial life.


  3. I know I watched Isuca at some point and I genuinely don’t remember a single thing about it. Even reading your post, other than the title, still drawing a blank. Probably means I should rewatch it but I’m pretty sure I forgot it for a reason.

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