Cat Paradise Part 1: Nekopara Vol.0/Vol.1

Herro. More writing more posts.

This game can be pretty long, but its like a movie, you just sit back relax and eat some popcorn as this game has no choices, so its a linear story game. I played the 18+ but I will omit the details… for family friendly reasons. Even without the 18+, it still feels lewd enough.

Nekopara Volume 0

This is just a prequel to the main volumes, a pretty short volume, I think about 30mins or so? Recommended to play before the main series? I guess so, if you want to see all the neko girls in their full glory, then yeah sure.

Nekopara Volume 1

Ok, kicking off with the first volume. This one last for around 6-8 hours for me.

This volume concentrates on these two nekos,

The story is pretty slow. I think I played, or should I say watch for 6 hours. Can be pretty long, but the developments were decent. Plot twists are not really much of a surprised. Comedy is pretty sublime. The long and draggy plot line ran so slow that the fun times felt very negated. Developments came at a very late timing and I’m pretty much feel too bored to actually feel it.

Art is great, I love the character designs. The characters do move while talking. The colors are great. This game runs at 60fps so everything is buttery smooth, you get a small number of advanced settings for performance. Settings like video overlays, processing threads etc etc. But you cannot toggle dual subtitles which kind of sucks.

Music is great. OP was nice, ED was great, BGMs felt good.

Cast list are a bunch of indie VN VAs, they sound great.

My favorite neko isn’t here yet.

Scores: V0 | V1

Story: 8/10 | 7/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

Highly recommended, but you have to be extremely patient with the story, it’s very slow.

Btw, I played this VN with maximum oppai bounce.

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