A start of an epic adventure: Mahou Sensei Negima (manga)

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As part of the Negima posts chain reaction, time for some manga review.

The manga lasted for 9 years, 2003-2012, in 38 volumes.

The storyline started off pretty slow, introductory chapters are rather long. The first few arcs including the first actual dramatic arc pretty much started slow, buildup was minimal and then ends on a pretty sublime note.

The first proper arc is the School Festival arc where things get pretty damn dramatic and action-packed all the way to the sudden Chao Lingshen’s Mission sub-arc when it reaches it’s highest point for the arc and ends on a high note. It’s just great.


Then on a high note, we move on to the longest and the last major arc of the manga, The Journey To The Magic World arc. Spanning for 166 chapters, which may sound little, but when it was still publishing, it was hell to wait for every chapter. This is a major turning point because this is were Negi grew up at a very tremedous rate. The enemies also got upscaled too, the naive, lighthearten and shallow storyline from the first 3 arcs is just… gone. This story format and development overall feels like Dragon Ball, from Earth to the Universe.

Character catalogue is incredibly massive, but all of them managed to bring an impact to me that I still remember every single one of them. Character development is also pretty damn sweet, because every character has a lot of depth and developments under their sleeves.

Climax in every arc has their charm, but the final battle had a very excellent build up before the actual battle.

The ending is very long, like VERY long compared to the short and sloppish movie ending. But the length is worth it as they nailed the buildup and wrapped up pretty nicely. I felt slightly emotional, imagine spending 9 years chasing the publication, and then it ends. Ah that empty feeling. Well, my tears then went back to my eyelids after UQ Holder comes in as a sequel.

Character designs were nice, some of them were carried from Love Hina, but most of them are original. I love it.


Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Characters: 8/10

Highly recommended, especially when you watched the anime and felt very VERY incomplete and very turned off.

Well this wraps up my Negima spam, I have officially reached my 20000 episode goal, I will plan a special post soon.

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One response to “A start of an epic adventure: Mahou Sensei Negima (manga)

  1. I remember reading the first volume or two and just thought it was ho-hum, trading in a younger Love Hina for fantasy elements. By the time the sixth volume came out, I was hopelessly addicted. Akamatsu did a great job shifting genres.

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