Finally?: Mahou Sensei Negima! Anime Final

Hey all. Finally we reach this point where I can wrap up the anime section of the series.

This move is 1h 24mins long, and it provides a secondary ending from the manga, a version B.

The storyline starts off skipping 100+ chapters from the previous OVA. They adapt like the 300+ in a very lazy method of extreme cutting of combat and details, which made me think that they should have not done that, like what is the point. Most people who watch this most probably caught up with the manga to watch the movie. The ending is pretty much a scaled down version of the manga, with quite a few plot changes. The ending felt rather incomplete compared to the manga. This is where I have to move on to the next segment.

Manga ending vs Movie ending?

Well, it’s kinda obvious, manga. Movie spent 10-15mins doing unnecessary introduction, cutting down the movie’s effective storytelling time to just 1 hour plus. The manga ending is more comprehensive, and incredibly effective in making me cry. It has a lot of buildup time and Akamatsu-sensei used everything and executed it perfectly. I will elaborate more on the manga review in the coming days.

As for movie, buildup is short and sometimes non-existent. The climax went full swing without a proper buildup. Climax was a little good with the reunion of the entire class after Chao Lingshen is away for like the 2nd half of the manga. I wish they could remove the intro and extend the movie by 15mins more with a little tweaking with the buildup, then maybe the ending will be more satisfying. The ending felt abrupt, rushed. It’s a happy ending, but… the execution is just… flawed.

Animations by Studio Pastoral and Shaft again. And oh boy, its probably one of THE most beautiful artwork I have ever seen. Accurate character designs like the previous 2 OVAs, but the color gamut is just amazing. It feels like a HDR video. Absolutely no complains here, combat scenes isn’t much but it looks great. Probably where the most of the budget went.

Music is decent. BGMs were nice.

VAs remained the same as the last OVA. Pretty perfect.


Story: 7/10

Art: 9.5/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

If you chase the manga and also the anime seasons, just watch it. If you are new, please don’t, read the manga or AT LEAST watch the anime from the first season.

So this wraps up the anime side of this series, I should give a verdict on whether the animes were worthy of being along side with the manga.

I would say no. Even though the OVA did compensate the earlier seasons, but it still wasn’t enough. Now that it’s over, we move to UQ Holder.

UQ Holder so far is good, they did change plots compared to the manga, but at least J.C.Staff is in-charge instead of Xebec. 12eps can be rather tight, pacing is pretty fast so far, but I wish they could adapt another season to at least the previous arc from the manga. It has great potential.

Negima post isn’t over yet, manga review will be out in a few days.

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