Imagine an anime with 2 cours of fillers: Negima?! (2006)

Hey all. More Negima is here.

This is an 2006 Shaft remake of Negima, it does not have any link to the manga or the anime Xebec did a few years back. 26 eps. It seems like an attempt to revive the series to fix the fail Xebec did.

The story is INCREDIBLY FLAWED. It’s like Shinbo Akiyuki didn’t read enough of the manga to write this show. He’s trying to commit the anime with more magical battles which the Xebec-produced one lacked. This show also promised more comedy and darkness. I can see the comedy, but most of them were predictable and made it incredibly dry and uninteresting. The darkness felt really nice, but it was pretty unnecessary and also too early into the show. In the later arcs in the manga, the darkness felt better because the plot matured throughout the years, but this is just… unneeded. The pacing felt unstable, character development lacked a lot and the story depth is pretty shallow. The funny thing is, Shinbo Akiyuki didn’t consult Akamatsu Ken about the spell incantations that he only used 1 incantation for each character to execute EVERY spell they execute, it really turns me off as a fan, proved that how Akiyuki put little to no dedication into making a remake to supercede Xebec’s. I honestly think I rather put Xebec’s version as the better one.

I can appreciate an original story, but this series really puts me off with the amount of dedication they put into making a remake, it’s seriously lacking. It’s a literal torture to watch. Changing the Pactio system is ok, but the system is just… ugh. Climax is nice, but execution is pretty shit and the ending is very abrupt, I wouldn’t call that an ending.

Animations by Shaft. If you hate Xebec’s character designs, you probably will like this. It’s slightly loyal to the manga, but there are flaws. Nodoka’s design made her look like a different person, Xebec looks more better. Asuna’s heterochromia is omitted in this show which is just… why? Animations is slightly better, expected from Shaft. Magical battles looked incredibly downplayed compared to Xebec, at least Xebec tried but Shaft didn’t. For those who love Shaft’s signature animations, you will love it, but I don’t. It looks totally unnecessary and also throws the show off pace by doing that. The story and art don’t need to employ their signature animations. They could have use that effort to make the magical combat more intense and interesting. I will probably put Xebec’s version higher in the list.

Music is decent. BGMs are ok, OP is a miss and EDs were decent.

VA list is the same, most of the list though.

Saito Chiwa replaces Hirohashi Ryou as Anya’s voice actress.

Sawashiro Miyuki replaces Suzuki Masaki as Nekane Springfield’s voice actor and replaces Takehito Koyasu as Nagi Springfield’s voice actor.

Takamoto Megumi replaces Osawa Chiaki as Chao Lingshen’s voice actress.

My thoughts?
Anya’s change is pretty unnecessary as Ryou did a decent job during Xebec’s production.

Sawashiro Miyuki voicing Nekane is reasonable. But making her voice Nagi? Really? Why? Takehito Koyasu is pretty much the perfect man for the job.

Takamoto Megumi did a decent job so I pretty much no complains. But with that said, the changes were totally unnecessary, unless the VA retired or on medical leave.


Story: 6/10

Art: 7/10

Music: 7/10

VAs: 7/10

It’s not really needed to watch this, don’t torture yourself. If you are the fan of the series, you will hate this. Probably Shaft’s most disasterous production to-date.

More Negima in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Imagine an anime with 2 cours of fillers: Negima?! (2006)

  1. Oh no you didn’t like it ;_; well it’s understandable, as most don’t. It’s actually my favorite entry on the animated side of the franchise😅, but I’ve yet to watch one of the OVA series. I suppose this is proof that I love nonsensical trash, as I do know this show is full of silly and stupid plot points, but I can’t help but love it since it was my first anime ever. Glad you got to review it even if it wasn’t your cup of tea!

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