Well… I don’t know how to title this: Mahou Sensei Negima

Hey all.

So the next few posts will be about this series, this series was part of my childhood back in the day when I started watching anime. I will be doing the entire Negima universe, namely the Shaft spinoff, the OVAs, the “final” movie, the manga and finally a comparison with the medias. I probably won’t write everyday, but just a heads up on future posts.

Manga origin. This anime covers 6 volumes of the manga with 4 episodes of original content to give an ending to the anime. Because at that time, the manga was pretty premature. Anime ran for 26eps. The anime does differ from the manga pretty significantly.

The story, in short and in leyman terms, is like getting a homework, then finishing it just before the deadline. First half was pretty laidback, no serious battles yet. The fanservice is pretty blalant, especially for that era when fanservice wasn’t really common. The romance felt very misleading because people who don’t read the manga might ship the wrong people. Second half gets slightly exciting because of the action FINALLY comes. But the first serious arc felt very short, excessively short. The 2nd serious arc is an anime-original arc, which wasn’t so bad. The plot twists during the beginning of the arc took a pretty dark turn, and they pretty much hit the nail for the nearly the rest of the arc until the final battle looked like the final boss was only lvl 5. I probably put my expectations too high. Character development is decent, yet misleading. Climax felt good. The buildup was pretty nicely done, but execution after felt anti-climatic. Ending was abrupt but at least they made a pretty happy ending. Overall, love and hate, well I have to blame someone for making the anime way too early in the game.

Xebec’s in-charge of the animation, which I ABSOLUTELY hate them for this.  Love Hina was great, but why did Negima didn’t get the same treatment? Character designs was incredibly botched, animations felt like Love Hina, which was 5 years ago at the time when the anime aired. That is not all. They FINALLY revised the character designs and animations but during their anime-original arc, which made me felt incredibly disappointed in Xebec. But for the last 4 eps, expect more keyframes and a more favorable character design. Ugh Xebec.

Music is great. The OPs was split into 7 different versions, all of them were refreshing and nice. I like the version 5 the most. This is why I was hyped so much when UQ Holder brought it back. ED1 was decent but ED2 felt a lot better. BGMs was pretty nicely composed, fitting the atmosphere almost all the time.

The VAs list is MASSIVE. They really went all out on casting girls. Probably one of THE longest and legit and massive list I ever seen in an anime. Even Kancolle doesn’t hire this many people to voice their massive catalog of characters.


I will put the list according to their student numbers for the girls.

Sato Rina as the 10-year old teacher.

Shiratori Yuri, Kimura Madoka, Sasagawa Ayana, Kuwatani Natsuko, Yamakawa Kotomi, Yamamoto Azumi, Ito Shizuka, Kanda Akemi, Bando Ai, Watanabe Akeno, Deguchi Mami, Tanaka Hazuki, Nonaka Ai, Ishige Sawa, Kobayashi Yu, Horie Yui, Omae Akane, Sakuma Miho, Osawa Chiaki, Shiraishi Ryoko, Kobayashi Misa, Koyama Kimiko, Kanou Mari, Kadowaki Mai, Shimura Yumi, Matsuoka Yuki, Noto Mamiko, Aizawa Mai, Minagawa Junko, Inoue Naomi, Inokuchi Yuka. 31 girls for 31 students.

Inoue Norihiro, Inoue Kikuko, Tsujimura Mahito as the other teachers and deans.

Suzuki Masami, Yabe Masashi, Hirohashi Ryou as Negi’s cousin, ermine and childhood friend respectively.

Koyasu Takehito as Negi’s dad.

Ishida Akira, Tsunakake Hiromi, Katsuragi Nanaho as the bad guys… and gals.

I think I’m done. Massive list, very big list. Well, to the point they hired so many people, I have to applaude their dedication to make sure no one gets to voice 2 or more roles. I love them all, its just female seiyuu heaven.


Story: 7/10

Art: 6/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 9/10

Recommended? Maybe, if you read the manga THEN watch this, you will probably be let down. So watch the anime then read the manga.

More Negima in the coming days.

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One response to “Well… I don’t know how to title this: Mahou Sensei Negima

  1. I had watched the sequel Negima!? before this, so it definitely was a visual shock to see the derpy animation. This franchise is also a part of my childhood, just like you, so I’m happy to finally get to see your thoughts on it! I like to think of this first season as more of an emotion-driven show than a plot-driven one. Like, I cried when a certain someone died towards the end, even if that comes COMPLETELY out of nowhere. Anyway, love this series, can’t wait for the rest to be reviewed!

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