Koe no Katachi 3000views special: Manga Review

Hey all.

As some of you know, I managed to reach 3k views on my Koe no Katachi posts.

For those who want to read those, my Movie vs Manga here and the original movie review here. The vs post will have spoilers so be warned.

So yeah I promised a manga review, so I did.

The manga only last for 7 volumes. I think its just right.

Storyline is great. Raising awareness for the deaf is a concept and setting we don’t see everyday. The story is pretty much like the movie, but the manga gives more details. Movie removed some stuff from the manga to fit in the 2hr timeframe. Pacing can be a bit slow, but the drama will keep things alive and keeping you from being bored. The climax felt slightly better than the movie, since it has the time and depth advantage. After the climax, it became pretty bland but if you love the manga still at this point, you will probably just finish it because you just want to know how it ends. 62 chapters isn’t really long, but it managed to tell an excellent story. Ending felt very incomplete, leaves us hanging and to speculate. Pretty much the only flaw. The extra chapter is pretty much a prequel, nothing much but it’s still great.

Art is pretty great. Of course anime was a lot better, but this is not bad. Character designs were nice.


Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Of course most people like me, will watch the anime then the manga, which I think its ok. Because if you watch the manga first, you will expect a little too much on the anime that you will feel disappointed, so watch the anime first then manga from the first chapter.

I want to thank you guys for the massive support on my Koe no Katachi posts, even now, it’s still topping my monthly charts.

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4 responses to “Koe no Katachi 3000views special: Manga Review

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  2. Thank you for your Koe no Katachi posts! The movie was beautiful even if I haven’t read the manga, but you reviews and comparisons were really nice, I may give it a try ^^

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