I want some Spice: Spice and Wolf

Hey all. This one took me just 1 week to finish, which is fast for a two cour because of how addictive it was.

Light novel origin. 19 volumes and counting. Anime ran for a season of 13eps, an OVA and then another cour of 12eps.

Storyline was great. I absolutely love the character development of the pair. The concept and setting of the show can be complicated sometimes, but slowly when you watch it, you will eventually catch up. Business students have it easy. Personality of the characters blend in so well that its nearly perfect in terms of chemistry. Holo’s accent totaly turns me on, because I love dialects and accents. Pacing can be a bit slow and when I mean slow, I mean… horseback carriage slow. Climax wasn’t something to write home about thru email, but maybe by snail mail, because of how slow the buildup was. Ending felt like it could have been done better. That’s how S1 went. There were some slight plot changes in the anime too, as anime-only characters was featured, but did not impact into derailing the show so it’s fine.

OVA serves as a bridge to link the two seasons, but probably the most meaningful OVA in awhile, unlike most OVAs with their fanservice and stuff.

S2 came and it felt slightly better. Pacing is slightly faster, developments are maintained which is great. But nearly half of the season was consumed by an arc which could have been shortened by 2-3 eps, not by slow pacing, but the attention of detail is so much that it doesn’t want you to miss a thing. Climax feels a lot better than the last time, slightly faster buildup, more results. But the ending was so crammed and abrupt that I want another season, because they end just when the 2 of them open up to one another and thats how most anime ends. Overall, business is not my thing, but Holo is. So I loved it. BASED REVIEWS.

First season is done by Imagin, OVA and S2 done by Brain’s Base. Honestly, the character design can be done a lot better. Lines are awkwardly crisp for the setting, colors are also awkwardly vivid. Characters sometimes look out of shape during transition and stuff. Brain’s Base slightly revised the designs, not much really. Lines are more soft, colors are also soft, giving a more suitable and relaxed feel. Characters during transition looks a lot better now, but I wish Brain’s Base put more effort into changing the character designs because I absolutely don’t mind if they did revisions, if they looked better. Just look at the fanart.

Music isn’t something I like really. OPs were pretty bad, EDs felt slightly better tho, but maybe the “floaty” feeling from the music is not my tastes. BGMs felt very suitable for the Medieval times, I would say.

VAs is a pretty lit list. Koshimizu Ami, Fukuyama Jun, Nazuka Kaori, Nakahara Mai, Namikawa Daisuke, Chiba Saeko, Park Romi, Uchida Yuya, Nakayama Sara, Koyama Rikiya, Sasajima Kaoru, Toyosaki Aki, Watanabe Akeno. All of them did excellently, Koshimizu Ami fitted Holo so nicely and she executed the accent pretty perfectly, one of the reasons why I’m absolutely in love with Holo. But if Chloe (Nazuka Kaori) has more role in the show, I would pick her as best girl instead.

Scores: S1 | OVA | S2

Story: 8/10 | 8.5/10 | 8/10

Art: 8/10 | 8.5/10

Music: 6/10 | 7/10

VAs: 8/10 | 9/10

Highly recommended, especially those who studies econmics, trading, businesses etc etc, can be educational to a certain extent.

More posts is coming in the next few days.

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One response to “I want some Spice: Spice and Wolf

  1. Interesting.. You prefer music that is more like… ‘hyp-ish’ or filled with vigor? I loved the OPs and EDs because of the lyrics and the style allowed the message/mood setting to be conveyed I thought. (Well can’t be helped that each one of us have our own preferences in music :))

    I agree its a bit of a shame that they ended season 2 as it was. Seems like they played around with each season by dedicating 2arcs to each, making the amount of content limited but detailed as you mentioned. Even though thats a tad sad, at least for myself I enjoyed the constant focus on the relationship between Holo and Lawrence which Isuna Hasekura really managed a fine job juggling between the romance and economics elements in his books.

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