300 Followers special: Top 5 Blog Posts I Loved to Write.


Hey all.



So yeah, I’m going to write my favourite 5 blog posts I enjoyed writing. As usual, no ranking whatsoever, I don’t do much ranking stuff.

  1. Koe no Katachi posts

Manga and Movie comparison

The original movie review

My top view posts for the year. When I watched it back in March, I really enjoyed it. Due to the fact that some elements reflects on my life to the point that I was in tears. Writing those 2 posts was a blast.

And also as part of my 3k views on my Koe no Katachi posts, I will be writing the manga review soon, in fact in a matter of a few days.

2. Nanoha posts


Nanoha 1st, Nanoha A’s, Nanoha StrikerS, Nanoha Vivid, Vivid Strike, Nanoha Movie 1st, Nanoha Movie 2nd

Its an absolute blast writing these posts. It proves that the Mahou Shoujo genre is not limited to a lot of positivity, but it can be incredibly dark too. They are also pretty easy to write too, because the amount of words coming out for this show just keeps on coming. Nanoha 3rd Movie is confirmed for me, just waiting for the showing date.

3. Wasuyu posts


Movie 1, Movie 2, Movie 3

I have loved the YuYuYu franchise since the beginning, for its dark and deep storyline. When they announced the Washio Sumi prequel and the sequel, was hyped and disappointed. I kinda want the sequel to be a full cour than half, but Washio Sumi is fine with 6 eps after watching the movie. All 3 movies are about 3hours+ and they pretty much told the whole story. Darkness is incredibly obvious, on par or maybe better than the main series itself. Now that the 6 ep prequel is ending, can’t wait for the sequel. I will write a dedicated 3 week review on it.

4. Mirai Nikki

Review here

Another dark tale, which means unlimited typing works. The amount of darkness and plot twists this show has given me has always been another level. Kind of surprised about the amount of character development and depth a show with only 2 cours can bring.

5. WWW./Working’/!!/!!!


The whole review here

One of my absolute favorite slice-of-life comedy in modern history. Writing this was fun as remembering nearly all the funny moments. I really need a WWW.Working second season, I find the new characters more lovable than the first.

Honorable Mentions: Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii

Review here

Probably my favorite shoujo show so far. Maeda Rena needs more of such lead roles. Her vocals and singing really brought up this show and they managed to use the source material to its full potential, and the original ending felt incredibly heartwarming. I was kind of touched, no other shoujo shows has ever moved me so much. It felt incredible warm to write the post, this show totally deserves more season but the original ending pretty much wipe off all hopes for future seasons.

This wraps up my 300 followers special post. This week will be pretty jampacked with blog posts. I will be writing my 2000 views on Twitch special, Koe no Katachi manga review and No Game No Life: 0 review and November personal update.

Meanwhile, if you are new and enjoy reading my content, follow this blog, Twitter and Twitch! I do gaming livestreams too.

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