Divine Buster: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st

Hi yo, I did Nanoha reviews in the past and I just rewatched them recently and I felt that my previous movie reviews did not do any justice to them, so I decided to rewrite.

Story is based on S1 with slight alterations to the storyline, animations etc etc. The movie lasted for 130mins.

Storyline is great. The intro got cut short, judging that everyone who watched the movie already watched the first season. They cut short the fanservice and slice-of-life moments to condense and also hasten the pacing. The story intensity felt very amplified because of the non-stop darkness and depth. Character development was not affected for the 2 girls, but the story did affect the side characters, where the story cut did destroy their development and quite effectively wiping them off the map. Climax is intense, its incredible, if compared to the first season. Ending was decent. Overall, the storyline modification isn’t really obvious but you will realize it. Kusakawa Keizo’s style of directing is pretty dark, I find it better than Shinbo Akiyuki in some aspects. A 2hr movie for this is adequate.

Animations by Seven Arcs. It has been remastered for movie quality. The character designs were the same, but the Devices designs were changed. Raising Heart immediately adopted the Excelion design without the cartridge system, and a foregrip, making it look like a long range beam weapon. The battles were incredibly nicely animated, the intensity is greatly amplified that it’s probably be one of the most destructive battles I seen in awhile. I absolutely loved it. Colors, backgrounds, the details are so meticulous it’s so nice to see.

Music is pretty much the same as before.

Cast list is still the same.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 9/10

Only those 2 aspects were affected in this movie, so I only rated 2 things. Movie 2nd A’s will come the day after tomorrow, tomorrow will be my drop bucket for Fall 2017.

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