Sept-Oct 2017 Update: I FORGOT.



So yeah, hi. I forgot to put a personal update last month, so let’s move on and cram 2 months of little content in a post.


300 days on MAL finally reached, posted the 5 days spree of Illya, which was a chore, because I wrote all 5 of them in 2 days, quite rushed, but still did it anyway. I rarely separate different seasons in different posts, since it is a chore, so I combined all seasons in a post. BUT ILLYA IS DIFFERENT. anime vibrates

20000 episodes watched is coming, very very soon, few more eps to go, I probably can hit it before the year ends. More special stuff coming soon.

My Twitch channel is nearing to hit 2000 views. If you still haven’t followed my Twitch, GO FOLLOW IT NOW.

I stream nearly everyday, nighttime before bed. My timezone is GMT+8, so keep track. I will post my stream on Twitter too, so follow me there too.

I’m going to do a horror game marathon stream in November, so stay tuned to this blog, my Twitter and Twitch.

Future plans?

I craving to rewatch some old shows, so I don’t think I can complete new shows for the time being, but reviews will come accordingly, if I ever think of one.

Seasonal shows are still a go. My current intake of anime shows are adequate, not too many not too little, its just right…

So basically I’m doing Twitch and blog at the same time, it’s a decent balance.

If you are new and like how I type my Engrish on the brog, forrow the brog for more Engrish ressons.

Yeah, this 2 months were pretty bland, nothing much. November might change, on the Twitch side of things, you’ll see…


Till next time.


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