Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier?: The Future of the Illya franchise and My Thoughts of Illya so far.

Well, the rivalry is kind of one of the reasons why I don’t want the series to end.


So today, we discuss about the future of the Illya universe where Chloe is an absolute god. Shit, I’m derailing the topic already.

So, what do we know about future content so far?

The movie just finished showing in Japan, a 3rei second season is announced with no release deadline set yet. I kind of hope they name it 3rei Herz, like 2wei Herz, but who knows.

Since the 3rei manga is still ongoing, this will probably just adapt the middle of it. The way the manga is going is so lengthy that Silver Link not be able to completely cover the series in 2 seasons.

What I expect in the future?

Well, they have 2 options:

  1. Just adapt with whatever material they have right now, probably not much left, since the movie took quite a big chunk of it.
  2. Wait till Hiroyama Hiroshi (the mangaka) to complete 3rei then start adapting it to the end, with a pretty tight and condensed storyline.

Because judging from the manga right now, its not going to end anytime soon. Manga pacing has been pretty slow, judging from its monthly serialization and only 18 pages per chapter. Which is why Illya and 2wei and/or Herz only has 10 eps, apparent from how little the source materal has. 3rei chapters has been condensed yet slow, so 12 eps and a movie pretty much took around 60-70% of the source material. Seeing a 3rei Herz by next year is highly unlikely, but won’t be as long as waiting for Dog Days S3 back in the days.

What things I wish they don’t change:

  1. The 3-directorial team.
    Have 3 directors can be bad for budget, but if they keep making this show great, and it sells, it doesn’t really matter.
  2. The 2 scriptwriter/storyboard writers.
    I highly doubt they will touch them, since they have been doing such a great job for the past seasons.
  3. Voice casts.
    Again, highly doubt they will change. Actually surprised they went as far as even retaining the cast list from the original FSN, great job.
  4. Character designs.
    Again, another highly doubt change. The artwork is excellent.
  5. Maintain the combat scenes intensity and keyframes.
    Silver Link can be unstable with such elements. But the series quality so far has been progressing well.

Can… can you give a ranking of the seasons so far… Onii-chan???

Sure of course, anything for an imouto… ahem

  1. 3rei
    Probably the deepest and most plot twist season to date. Pacing needs work, but it was still nice. Combat scenes were most entertaining out of all and shows Silver Link’s 90% dedication with the artwork and animations.
  2. 2wei
    The funniest and very yuri season. Needs more action and combat, but the comedy pretty much did most of the work. Best music out of all.
  3. Eins (The first season)
    Well, the introduction was a bit lengthy but necessary. Spent no time showing off their capabilities in rendering such dramatic combat.
  4. 2wei Herz
    The most timewasting season. Wasted half the season on fanservice then bring intense action to make everything flatline.

Well, thats it for now. Hyped about the new season. For those who don’t know, I will be watching the Illya movie and will write the review as soon as I watch it. No confirmed date yet. Might be as late as 2018, who knows, ask my license holder.

Might as well tell you guys that Nanoha Reflection and NGNL:0 are also part of my confirmed to-watch list, no dates yet, again, probably 2018.

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