Summer Wrap Up 2017 Part 2

Hello guys. I decided to split it into 2 parts because I think my previous list was a bit long. And I have some 2 cour shows and Digimon movie to complete, and now they are complete, I can write another pretty long post. Totally not because I forgot.

Kyoukai no Rinne S3

3 years running, 75 eps, totally worth it. It was a roller coaster ride, from storyline inconsistencies to animation instability… So far there are not previews of S4 like the previous seasons, I still welcome a S4. Brain’s Base is probably running out of budget, judging from how the animations gets more and more inconsistent each season. But if S4 confirmed, I will stoke. Music has always been a unique point of this show because they chose a lot of indie bands and then bring some of them out into popularity, which is great to see.


Sakura Quest

It feels like Shirobako all over again, the confusion part, not the “its epic” part. I need to rewatch this again, I get more and more confused each ep like when I first watched Shirobako, so I will put my full judgment call after the BDs are out and marathoning them. Music was decent tho, character designs and animation quality isn’t using P.A.Works full ability.

Sakurada Reset

I feel… lost. The story gets more and more nonsensical every ep, after the 2nd half starts. It was a pretty nice ride, I love it somehow. Kind of sad there isn’t much romance as I expected it to have. Music was great, animation quality was ok for David Pro.


Digimon Adventure tri. 5: Kyousei

Story was more decent in this movie. Finally more development and action. I find it funny that the movies get shorter and shorter each movie like as it Toei is running out of passion for this movie already. Digivolution finally didn’t take a lot of time, like the previous movies. Animation quality was maintained and the music was still excellent. With the last movie coming next year, I expect a proper ending, because I cannot think of an ending.


Well, this officially wraps up the Summer 2017, for real… Now we play… the waiting game…





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