Why Kimi no Na Wa’s Live Action made by Hollywood is an absolutely bad idea.

Hey, here come’s another rant from me. Title says it all.

I absolutely hate Hollywood’s attitude towards Asian culture. Casting aside things that are “shit” to them, and then starts “adapting” those they think will make money since it’s very hyped.

Somethings are meant to be in 2D, so just leave them in 2D. Japan had made many live-actions and so far, only a few of them managed to make the cut. So does that mean US has a chance? No.

Why no? After Blood+, Dragonball Evo, Ghost in The Shell, they pretty much lost all credibility on making an anime-turned-live-action film. The only movie so far that did make the cut was Edge of Tomorrow. Some shows are meant to stay in Asia.

Why only Edge of Tomorrow? They erased the Japanese side of the story and almost rewrote it from scratch, making it more westernized instead of trying to force the Asian culture to blend into the Hollywood-style films. They did not alienated the Asian audience with their stereotyping. They modified the story so nicely that even the Japanese author for the source material of Edge of Tomorrow actually liked the film.

J.J.Abrams producing the film, is it going to be great? Probably no. He’s more experienced of making sci-fis with aliens, so far Cloverfield and Cloverfield Lane were great. He should stayed in that direction, instead of trying something new and then butcher it. If you want to try something new? Go write a story from scratch instead of adapting a fine piece of work and then ruin it like DBE. Inb4 he actually adds an alien plot regarding the time travel into the movie, I will be so done. I’m honestly a fan of J.J.Abrams, but I really don’t think he can do this one.

Whitewashing is also another topic. Why no one accused of Edge of Tomorrow for whitewashing? They don’t shove Japanese names for Tom Cruise. Whitewashing has always been a serious topic and they should stop, its been over 30 years this topic has been floating around.

Looks like it cannot be stopped, unless someone decides to cut the budget for the movie and leading to the cancellation. If they really did anyone of the things I mentioned above, I’m honestly disappointed on how the US film industry has become.

I may sound harsh in my rants, but that’s how rants are supposed to be. Salty? Comment below.

6 responses to “Why Kimi no Na Wa’s Live Action made by Hollywood is an absolutely bad idea.

  1. Well, I’m actually kind of excited for this. Of course, of course. Most of the live-action adaptations are just plain horrible, but I don’t want to judge something before watching it. This could be terrible like the other live-action film adaptations but it may be awesome as well. We won’t know unless we actually watch it.

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  2. You have every right to rant about it. I feel the same. I haven’t moved on from the travesty of Netflix’ Death Note and now they’re targeting Your Name. sigh The Hot Chick, It’s a Boy Girl Thing.. Hollywood already had movies with the same gender bender soul switching theme. The beauty of Kimi no Na Wa is in the exquisite and detailed animation, rich cultural background, and amazing theme song. These are elements that can’t be recreated in a live-action but it seems that Hollywood doesn’t even care whether they end up making a good adaptation or not as long as it sells. They know that regardless of the outcome, people are going to watch it out of curiosity. It’s all about the money. 😐

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  3. I totally agree with you when you say that Hollywood almost always makes bad anime adaptations. Just thinking about Death Note and Light Turner…I don’t know if I’d rather cry or laugh. Still, I might want to give this one a try.

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  4. One strong point as to why:
    It’s phenomenal because it’s a gaddamn Anime.

    As a great fan of Director Shinkai, I believe he was just trying to hide his real feelings when he said he’s interested on how it will go. Japanese tends to carefully choose their words.

    And yes, I agree that JJ is a good director too. And as you said, his works doesn’t line with Your Name’s genre. AT ALL. I’m not sure if they just want to “experiment” but this was just a bad choice.

    I’d rather go watch Fullmetal Alchemist Live now….. OTL

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  5. I absolutely agree with you here. Another point is that the reason the show works so well is due to:
    1) The strong Japanese culture that allows almost everything in the story to happen
    2) The flexibility of Anime as a visual medium in being able to portray and express things that are impossible to be expressed in a live-action film
    3) The beautiful, ethereal art that gives the show so much color and flavor
    By making it a live-action movie, you lose out on #2 and #3, and by making it a Hollywood thing, you destroy #1.

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