Twitter 500 followers special!

Heyo guys! Looks like I reached 500 followers on Twitter!

I really want to thank you guys for the support! Now to the special post. I think I will do music this time round. Top 5 music I love at the moment.

  1. Utsukushiku ikitai ~2017 version~ by Marriage Blue

Marriage blue is part of I’ve Sound, which is why I love this song. It’s so great.

  1. Kiss the Future ~2017 version~ – YUZUNO

Another I’ve Sound work. I loved it to bits.

  1. INITIATIVE ~2017 version~ – Larval Stage Planning

This song is originally from Kawada Mami, but she retired, so they got Larval Stage Planning to sing this one instead. They did a really good job.

  1. Renai Circulation -Yunomi “Kawaii EDM” Remix- – Hanazawa Kana

Set….no! It’s a wonderful remix to the already wonderful song. I love it too.

1.Mou sou ♡ e kusu puresu -folclore Remix- – Hanazawa Kana

Another wunderbar remix. I love it.


The remixes can be rather lengthy but the way they remixed it doesn’t make it feel that long.

I want to thank you guys for the support again, 500 followers is a pretty big number for me.

Make sure to follow my Twitter and Twitch!

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