Twitch 100 Followers Special: 5 JRPGS that I recommend.

Hey all! My twitch just hit 100 followers and I thought of making a gaming post special.

Let’s get things started. As usual, no rankings whatsoever because I suck at ranking them.

5. NepNep

Re:birth reviews here
NepVII review here
NepHack and Slash reviews here

Well… You should see that coming. I love Neps to bits and I will buy 4 Goddesses Online for sure. Such a pity that they pushed it back to next year. I have my doubts for NepVIIR, unless they revamp the gameplay from scratch and also polish their graphics for VR, then it might be good. I’m currently playing Segahard girls and I’m taking my time to complete the game but a review for that will be pretty soon.

4. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HDR

Well… This was quite disappointing, but story wise redeemed itself. The remaster didn’t felt like they really did the graphics from scratch, but the music got improved. The gameplay was nice, but such a massive pity that this game is 30fps locked. The graphics looks totally different from their game covers which is extremely disappointing. The graphic settings were pretty redundant because you see no difference even with max settings. Disappointment in graphics, great story and music. Review will be out soon also.

3. Fairy Fencer F

Review here

The biggest ripoff of the century and I’m extremely disappointed that it came from IF. They could have just released the ADF but they chose to release games separately and ripoff players that has the first game, and then double the price. Extremely disappointed. They don’t even support progress transfer, which means I had to play it from the beginning. Story got expanded, graphics got updated but still not worthy of the full price.

2. Final Fantasy XIII (everything, XIII to LR)

Well, I played this game for 2 years now starting from the first and now currently grinding LR. XIII-2 is probably the worst out of the trio because of its incredibly buggy port which people need to use workarounds to fix it and I have to disable my vital Steam Cloud to play it. The graphics didn’t really update throughout the series but their graphics was incredible during release, but the Crystal Tool bugs were still pretty obvious. But still, great game and I will push out a review pretty soon.

1.Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Well, another pretty disappointing port, but I really thank Square Enix to release the HD remaster instead of 2 games. The 30fps lock again. But the graphics redeemed itself, it feels like XIII but heavily enhanced. The story so far for me is probably the most emotionally shaking one since FFVII. Still not done with the game, but review will be out soon.

Well, this is pretty much my recommendations. I want to thank everyone for the 100 follows on my Twitch. And for those who want to see me play and stream games, follow me on my Twitch!

One response to “Twitch 100 Followers Special: 5 JRPGS that I recommend.

  1. Congrats on 100 Twitch followers dood!

    I’ve played all four main Neptunia games and FFX/X-2. I couldn’t get into FF XIII. Haven’t played Type-0 nor Fairy Fencer yet.

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