The other Godzilla: Shin Godzilla

Ok sorry, the Highschool of the Dead post took longer to plan than expected. Was walking around electrical stores over the weekend, and bought a soundbar and new monitor.

Ok, time to get another live action review on the road. I actually watched this show ages ago, but forgot to write it and I just rewatched 2014 Godzilla, so I remembered that I didn’t write about this.

Movie came out last year and I’m 1year+ late into writing this. It ran for 120 mins. I watched for the sake of Anno Hideaki, pretty much.

Storyline is great, but the theme got too realistic and its a pity this movie went back to the 1998 style of Godzilla being the antagonist. Dragging too many subplots and so many characters that a typical movie goer probably can never understand the story fully. It took me a lot of brain power to catch up. The subplots pretty much superceded the mainplot making things incredibly dragging and it felt like a 6hour movie. And when the climax finally comes, the subplots made me kind of don’t want to really bother to feel the movie anymore and I’m just glad it’s over. Kind of disappointed because I was wanting the traditional style of Godzilla fighting another monster.

The CGI was great, but the Godzilla design was not. It looks so massive and the tail was incredibly long. Not a big fan of the design.

Cast was great, the acting was excellent, but too many characters to remember.


Story: 7/10

Cast: 9/10

Godzilla: 7/10

Recommended for people who likes deep stuff, but not for old Godzilla fans.





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