August 2017 update


I KNOW ITS LATE I KNOW, but its still August so yeah.

As some of you know by now is that I do gaming live streams every now and then, and I’m concentrating more on it than blogging now.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop watching anime and stop blogging, but posts will be rather spread out.

If you want to see my face and fooling around, my twitch is here. I reached 1k views on it and I plan to write a special post soon, and then when I hit 100 followers, another one will follow.

My MAL has officially reached 300 days, I will be making a special post pretty soon.

Twitter is hitting 500 followers soon, I will also spam another special post. So many posts so little time.

Birthday just past, felt like 10 years older. Thanks for all the wishes and the highlighting I’m an Asian part moved me… I’m in tears…

So yeah, just a tiny update, my hiatus was pretty long this time round, had to clear my damn mind… So yeah. See you guys in the next post, hopefully the 300 days MAL special.

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