500 Posts Special: My Top 5 Posts based on Views.

What you staring at? Let me write my blog.

I KNOW ITS LATE. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE GIVE ME A BREAK MAN…. Jokes aside, 3 years and 500 posts, I really dont have a life. HAHAHAHA…ha….ha

Depressing start, lets start with the post instead, before it gets darker.

Well, this is based on the stats that WP gave me so yeah, I would say pretty accurate. I linked the posts accordingly so check it out.

5. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Not sure why this got No.5, but thanks. Hopefully this post is informative enough to make you want to watch and love it, because I did.

4. Heroine Shikkaku

My first live-action movie review, but not my first live-action show/movie. Genuinely enjoyed and hated the movie. Loved the show’s CGI, making it extremely anime-like, but I absolutely hate how the show panned out and ended, because it kinda doesn’t make sense. So it’s basically a hit and then a massive miss at the end, making the movie probably flatline to recession. Sakaguchi Kentaro is definitely the best. Yamazaki Kento is appearing more and more live adaptations and I don’t enjoy any of his performance. OreMono brought Kentaro back and I love it, he fitted the Sunakawa Cool perfectly.

3. 5K views special: Top 10 Loli Anime You Should Soak Into


Not surprised this got into the rankings. It’s a pretty old list, which I should probably update it, but maybe the next milestone I hit.

2. Black Bullet

Probably because I put this show on my Loli anime ranking post, which made this post skyrocket and its my top viewed post for 2016. I love this show to bits, but a pity that this show was so short. Character designs were great, quality were great, music was pretty amazing with fripSide’s OP. Loved this show nearly every aspect. I’m totally down for an S2 if any news popped up.

1.Koe no Katachi Special: Manga or Movie?

This one just blew my mind. I wrote this post nearly immediately after the movie and finishing the manga in one day, the response was pretty sublime. But after the Blurays gets released, the post blew up 5x the views in 1 night, becoming my top viewed post for 6 months in a row and its still climbing as of right now, it will be Top Viewed Post for 2017 for sure. It has accumulated nearly 3k views now and I will probably write a manga review if it really hits 3k. The movie review was a little bit of the soft side, but it doesn’t really matter. I spent 6 hours writing this and it paid off. I really thank you guys for the support and this is pretty much my drive to writing more.

I thank you guys for the support that lead me to writing 500+ posts now and maybe in another 3 years I will hit 1000, who knows. I really thank you guys who turned off adblocking on this site that will support this site. People are using Patreon nowadays but I think I cannot handle the money people give to me every month. But if you really want to donate for supporting my work, go to my Twitch and find the tip link, I do gaming livestreams every now and then so follow me there too! All money donated will not go to me, its either for the blog or for better equipment.

I hereby once again thank you guys for the support, through my ups and downs. Go check out my posts I linked, follow my Twitch, Twitter, Instagram or this blog, turn off your adblocker while browsing the site. And till next time!


5 responses to “500 Posts Special: My Top 5 Posts based on Views.

  1. Woohoo…congrats: 500 posts is an incredible achievement. Looking forward to the next 500 😊 I recently reviewed Black Bullet on my own blog, and totally agree, this was a really fun series 😊 Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

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