What’s the difference?: H1Z1: KOTK and PUBG

Hey all. So the comparisons never ends so I decided to join in the comparison train and give some of my views and opinions about the 2 games.

So what’s the difference?

The H1Z1 was originally a sandbox survival game, but was splitted into two projects, Just Survive and King of The Kill. After KOTK gained traction, JS became stale and recently they changed the name and gave a massive update to revive the game, I might buy that game to give it a try. KOTK then starts the battle royale craze. It was fun awhile, but PUBG appears. PUBG then gained traction and H1Z1 became stale. People still play H1Z1 because it’s a lot cheaper than PUBG, and PUBG was way unoptimized than H1Z1 too. PUBG used to be a game for people with the ultimate hardware, even at lowest settings. The recent update did fix quite a bit, but still a long way to go. Gameplay can be quite similar but the mechanics is slightly different.

Let me put it into point form.


  • Cheaper to buy (for now)
  • Mechanics are simpler because the gun variety is little and no need for attachments. Which is also makes it easier for players to loot. PUBG loot rates can be incredibly shitty. You might even have to play a game with just a pistol or shotgun. Helmets and armors are simple too. You can even make your own armor.
  • Map is bigger.
  • Safezone does not shrink so fast that you have to run for 300 miles across the map.
  • Game engine is more optimized even though its an inferior game engine than PUBG.
  • If you are looking for games that are less intense, and you know you getting shot from, H1Z1 is better. PUBG doesn’t tell you where you are getting shot from, you have to figure out yourself. If the shot is silenced, you are pretty much as good as dead. PUBG is doing this as an attempt to keep the gameplay as realistic as possible.
  • Server region locks, but only applicable to solo gameplay. People can still change servers if their team is from another region.
  • You can craft armor and bandages.
  • Each game can reach 170+ players if you are lucky, so the beginning of the game can get pretty dicey if you get spawned at a pretty shit place.
  • Health packs can heal you to 100%.
  • Clothing, costume and accessory variety is massive. You can even pick vehicle colors too.
  • Vehicle physics are a lot better than PUBG. PUBG vehicles feel like toy cars with near zero gravity while driving. Bikes turning at weird angles.
  • Alighting from cars at 100km/h won’t kill you. PUBG does kill if exiting the vehicle too fast, again, realism.
  • Client crashing is still a thing in PUBG, but no longer in H1Z1.
  • Game server is more stable if you are closer to the server. PUBG lags pretty much everytime. PUBG’s intensive resource hunger also affects their servers.
  • PUBG bans people for the weirdest reasons.
  • When patches come, no matter how big it is, they are pretty small in size, compared to PUBG where bug fixes can reach 1+GB. H1Z1 implement fixes mostly on the servers, instead on the client, which make patches smaller.
  • You actually know your ping in-game, and the numbers of teams left in game. PUBG doesn’t show ping and only shows players alive, you can only assume.
  • Players HP can be rather high which makes you hard to get killed and sometimes hard to kill others too.


  • Unreal Engine 4 but optimization needs more work.
  • Crate systems without paid keys (for now)
  • Better graphics, but (hopefully for now) need incredible hardware.
  • Games are capped at 100 players, but most of the time 99.
  • Weapon variety is huge, you can even put various attachments.
  • Closer game mechanics to realism.
  • Camping seems to be the option to survive sometimes.
  • PUBG addresses issues as soon as possible. H1Z1 had glaring issues that started from the start of their EA, and still not fixed yet.
  • Significantly shorter loading times. H1Z1 loads at every little thing, changing servers, changing spectating member view, EVERYTHING.
  • You get to close where you want to land. H1Z1 can be rather unfair with the spawns and also, in H1Z1, if you load too slow, you lose, people probably have weapons before you even drop.
  • Smaller map for lesser distance travel.
  • Can travel by boats if you want to travel by rivers.
  • Has more server locations.
  • Easier to actually kill people.
  • Hearing footsteps is actually a thing.
  • If you are outside the safezone, it has more visibility than H1Z1’s gas.
  • So far they set on a Q4 2017 proper release, but H1Z1 is probably going to be a permanent member of the Early Access Club.
  • They used to do monthly and weekly patches, but now they overturned it in favor for random because they couldn’t meet deadlines and every monthly update they release something new, they screw up. It’s nice to see they admitting to their mistakes while H1Z1 pretty much ask you to screw yourself and not update the game for months.
  • Duos and Squads players gets knocked out first before getting killed.
  • First person player mode can be quite paranoid and cause massive panic attacks
  • Helmets and armors are classified in levels.

That’s pretty much it. Every game has it’s pros and cons. I personally enjoy PUBG more, but H1Z1 is not far off the list.

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That’s it for now, till next time.


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