I’m back?

After thinking for a month plus, I still have to go back to blogging. But it’s going to be different this time round.

What’s different?

The blog is remaining the same, but I’m not going to blog full time like in the past anymore, I’m going to revive my favourite pastime of streaming games. Yes, I streamed in the past, but after getting the Twitch Affiliate, I pretty much stopped streaming for awhile, but I’m bringing it back!

Where I stream you asked? Twitch. Follow me there! Make sure you appear when I stream.

And did I mention WP said I’m around for 5 years? But actually I only blogged for 3 years, so idk.

Future Plans?

I will write my way overdued post of Summer shows that I dropped and still watching as soon as tomorrow. Then a break over the weekends then blog again. I will try to complete as much anime as possible so I will have things to write next week. But I am not going to do daily posts, its quite tiring especially I juggling a job and game streaming.

TL;DR? I’m back and I’m streaming games. So that’s all for now… See you all tomorrow I guess?


6 responses to “I’m back?

  1. Ahh, welcome back! It sounds like you’ve got your hands full, but do what you want to do! I’ll be sure to follow you on Twitch as well, so I’ll hopefully see you around! ^-^

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