A Promise is Unbreakable: Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Washio Sumi no Shou Movie 3 – Yakusoku

Hey all! The wait is finally over. Washio Sumi finally comes to a climax.

Movie is about 45mins long, pretty short, but since the 2nd movie, this series has been delivering a very strong message within its tight timeframe.

The storyline is just great. The heavy tone from the 2nd movie ending keeps lingering in the intro, and then low-key reminds you someone is missing throughout the movie. They tried to make the movie slightly lighthearted with the slice-of-life stories. The climax then comes in and things picks up the pace and they finally release their mankai curse. The battle was painful, because of the desperation and the lacking of their strongest hero. The ending ended right when Yuuki Yuuna appears and her name is now Togo Mimori. The pacing is a lot more faster, compared to the previous 2 movies. Character development is also the strongest of the 3 too. Overall, all 3 movies is just fantastic, the prequel did its job.

Animations by Studio Gokumi. I’m always impressed by the quality, and still didn’t slack off for this one.

Music is nice. OP great as usual, ED is good too. BGMs are the same and still did the job.

The cast list is now dropped to a duo. Mimori Suzuko and Hanazawa Kana. Actually there are a lot more, but they are the only ones that matters. Oh yeah, Sato Rina voices their homeroom teacher.


Story: 9/10

The rest is the same as the first 2 movies. But this ED is probably the best out of the 3. This is pretty much a perfect ending and wrap up before YuYuYu starts.

Highly recommended, but yeah, watch the first 2 movies first.

If I haven’t watch YuYuYu, should I watch this 3 movies before YuYuYu?

It’s entirely up to you. Most of the hero system intros at YuYuYu. WaSuYu starts off with a slightly more primitive version of the hero system from YuYuYu. If you ask me, if can pick up terminologies really quick, then start off with WaSuYu then YuYuYu. If you get confused easily and cannot understand anime terminologies, then go with YuYuYu first.

That’s it for this review. More posts coming up in the later days.


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