Where have you been?: July 2017


Hey all. I know June was pretty quiet on my end, I apologise for that. Well, I have reasons for that.

Why June so quiet?

Well, it was lead by numerous reasons.

  1. My girlfriend moved out.
    It sucks at first, but she said she will come back March next year gave me a relief because her family moves out a lot. But after the relief why didn’t I return to regular posting? This leads to the 2nd reason.
  2. Exams
    Exams going on. Simple.

Why your Summer list so short?

Many many reasons. I was thinking about it for 3 seasons already, but I still picked up 16-19 shows, which was my norm. This season, I only picked up around 10 shows, with 3 shows carried over from last season. Why? Firstly, my currently watching shows is at 55 and plan-to-watch completed shows are at 100+, and many of my current watching were halfway done and left there for years, I want to clear them. After I clear the halfway done shows, then I will return to my normal seasonal shows count, which can take several seasons. I wish you can be patient with me, on the bright side, more reviews everyday about completed shows.

What to expect in July?

I bought a few games during Steam sales, so expect a bit more gaming posts than anime ones. And also, music posts will be making a comeback. I will be on and off this month, especially weekends, I have many things going on. 2 gatherings and my girlfriend is coming to visit the 21st. So don’t miss me.

I will be hitting 300days and 20k episodes on MAL very soon. I will plan a special post real soon, so stick around.

Any questions? Comment below or flood my Twitter. For more updates about my life, follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I have an Ask.Fm if you wish to stay anonymous about your questions.

I appreciate your support and till next time.

Someone buy me a Hifumin figurine, thank you very much.



One response to “Where have you been?: July 2017

  1. Your summer list doesn’t sound short to me. How I wish I had enough time to check out that many shows. Hope you enjoy your Steam bargains, whatever they happen to be.

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