June 2017 update

Hey all, just my little monthly update on how my life is going on.

  1. Anime
    So far so bad. I couldn’t complete a series at all. So I decided to reduce my anime intake from next season onwards. Instead of the crazy 12-18 shows per season for the past 3 years, I will reduce to 6-8, until my currently watching list reduces to 30. Let’s see how long will that be.
  2. Real life
    Been busy, one of the reason why I cannot watch shows. Been pretty tired for awhile. Juggling life with love life, gaming and anime is a very hard thing to do.
  3. Blogging
    I am honestly running out of content to write, that’s why I have been trying to expand boundaries.

Well, pretty short update about my life. See you.

One response to “June 2017 update

  1. Hmm, hope things will settle back in your live soon. Take your time with your blog, there really is no need to rush, especially if real life is currently keeping you busy 😊
    Can definitely relate with your too watch list: I have stopped calling mine a list, but am now referring to it as an encyclopedia 😂😂 Please take care 😊

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