Bears and Yuri: YuriKuma Arashi

Heyo… Posting has been irregular I know, but life has changed a lot for me and I get tired so easily that I take naps now… Well… blame me for being lazy.

Original story from Ikuhara Kunihiko, if you don’t know this guy, shame on you, he writes tons of yuri plots, turned out weird but ended up making sense. Anime aired for 12 eps. Pretty short.

Setting and concept pretty much shows a world where there is no such thing as males, and bears became female humanity’s greatest enemy. This can be pretty unique, but confusing too. Storyline is pretty messy, took me awhile to understand the plot. Pacing is pretty much on the slow side. Character development is great though, it expands a lot throughout the show. Climax can be pretty entertaining, it feels like Trigger’s way of doing climaxes, which are great. Ending is a pretty good wrap up, but I wished for more. 12 eps isn’t enough. Overall, the yuri element is there, but isn’t expressed very open and explicitly, more on the sublime side. I still love this show. Ikuhara Kunihiko did a pretty excellent job, but his past works were better.

Animations by Silver Link. Its pretty decent, it has a slight Shaft feel with a pinch of Nourin’s character designs. Colors were pretty bland but the art is very much abstract so it’s fine. I still love it.

Music by Hashimoto Yukari. OP was weirdly addictive, ED was great, BGMs were weirdly suiting too.

Cast list is decent. Yamane Nozomi, Arakawa Miho, Ikuta Yoshiko, Inoue Kikuko, Ogura Yui, Yuki Aoi, Koshimizu Ami, Ito Miku, Ise Mariya, Hikasa Yoko, Murakawa Rie, Suwabe Junichi, Saiga Mitsuki, Yamamoto Kazutomi, Endo Aya, Kugimiya Rie, Noto Mamiko. The cast list is great, the newbie trio did a great job. Bear conversations were extremely cute.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Highly recommended for all the yuri NTRs out there.

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