Purity at its finest: Kobato.

Hey all, time for a change of pace with something a little slower, a little lighthearted.

Manga origin, 6 years in 6 volumes. Notably from Clamp. Anime aired for 24 eps.

Storyline is just… heartwarming. The setting and concept was confusing at first, but once you catch the plot, everything just falls into place. The character development is dramatic, and branches out pretty nicely. Pacing throughout the 24eps were pretty much on the slow side, but it was pretty decent. Even though it’s slow, they managed to squeeze in so many character arcs. Comedy is pretty sublime, but pleasant. Climax was pretty flatline, but the ending was just… deep. I love it to bits. The ending may be inconclusive, but the note was just really deep, I felt something. Yokote Michiko writing the script was a great choice, managed to extract most of the essence from the manga into the anime which is getting rare nowadays. Fanservice was pretty much zero, which makes it even more enjoyable to watch, lesser distractions. Overall, its just a heartwarming show for a change of pace to the generic shows we have been seeing for the past few years.

Animations by Madhouse. Character designs were great. Quality was decent, but it doesn’t really need quality so its fine. It’s pretty sharp and it feels like Chobits all over again.

Music is decent. OP was nice, ED was great. BGMs made everything feel jolly and down.

Cast list is pretty lit. Hanazawa Kana, Maeno Tomoaki, Inada Tetsu, Kamiya Hiroshi, Namikawa Daisuke, Koyama Rikiya, Saito Chiwa, Irino Miyu, Shindou Kei, Nakajima Megumi, Kuwashima Houko, Kawasumi Ayako, Kikuchi Mika, Fukuen Misato, Orikasa Fumiko, Miki Shinichiro, Toyosaki Aki, Inoue Marina, Watanabe Akeno, Fukuyama Jun. It’s nice, HanaKana’s voice here was refreshing, compared to her massive 2014 voice streak, its just great. The rest did their jobs well.


Story: 8.5/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8.5/10

Highly recommended, if you want to calm yourself down…

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