That’s pretty fast: 5cm/s

Hey all, sorry I forgot to write a post yesterday. A little bit of personal stuff going on and made me forgot to write a post, but now that its out of the way, lets get started.

Shinkai Makoto’s work. The so-called “movie” is splitted into 3 parts. Altogether is 63mins long.

Storyline is somewhat deep and very hard to decipher and understand. Took me about 3 watches to get the story. Its a mess for the first time, but once you get to know the story, it does make sense and should be able to trace the dots. The amount of dialogue is a lot too, feels like ef but less dark. Character development are more of individually, and it spans out a lot. There isn’t much climax throughout. The ending kinds of leaves me puzzled, I kind of get it, but sometimes I think I’m missing something. Overall, its a pretty melodramatic movie, but leaves a lot of Da Vinci codes throughout the 60+mins. The splitting of 3 parts made the movie format somewhat pretty awkward.

Animations by Comix Wave. Its excellent. Nothing much is needed to be said. Just see for yourself.

Music is decent. BGMs were nice, ED was great.

Cast list pretty much consists of 4 people. Mizuhashi Kenji, Kondo Yoshimi, Onouei Ayaka, Hanamura Satoshi. All of them did a good job. They boosted the melodramatic feeling, I love it.


Story: 8/10

Art: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Recommended, but you need time and dedication. Watching one time probably isn’t enough.



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