The Mirror Tries to Kill Zombies Again: The Walking Dead Season 2 (Telltale)

Hey all, its time to move a bit to the west and continue my adventures with The Walking Dead.

5 eps, same as the previous seasons. Took me about 2 days to finish. The episodes are noticeably longer, which is great, because I find the first season a bit short.

The story moves on from S1, but the time skips to a few months later, then a year plus later. Storyline is pretty nice, plot twists are all around, surprises keep popping out at the least expected moments. Pacing can be a bit slow sometimes, but it was fine. The escalation were pretty high and this season can get pretty emotional sometimes, more than season 1. Ending was pretty well done, it was quite emotional, but it was great, the plot twist were pretty major too. A lot of decision making is involved too, my ending and story got deviated a lot.

The interface gets a refresh, the choices are now easier to pick than the previous number/mouse scroll options which sometimes make people pick the wrong choices. Its also easier to navigate around a certain area.

Graphics pretty much stayed the same, maxed out the settings doesn’t make much difference and it is still a pretty much a light game itself.

Music is ok, ending was pretty nice though.

Voice acting in the game is also pretty much the same but there were a ton of new characters.


Story: 8/10

Graphics: 7/10

Interface: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended to play, but play S1 first of course.





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