Time to go old school: Love Hina

Hey all, sorry I didn’t post any yesterday, I had a really bad headache so I couldn’t write anything.

Originated from manga, spanning for 3 years, 1998-2001, in 14volumes. Anime aired for 25 eps with 5 OVAs. Christmas Special, Spring Special and a small sequal OVA Love Hina Again.

The setting and concept is cute, but the story is pretty stagnant, nothing much changes throughout the anime. And because of the flatline plot, character developments are pretty stagnant too. The plot twists were very mild and nothing much to be surprised of. Fanservices can be a turn off, but they managed to play it out pleasant. But what captivates me to watch the show till the end is the laidback, slice-of-life, cute and funny romance advances. The characters personalities were all cute which also made it more enjoyable for me. The ending was pretty inconclusive. The special OVAs comes as the normal fanservices episodes. The sequel OVA with 3 eps felt very mediocre, the story were bland, pacing was packed too. But they adapted the ending of the manga but was just bad.

Animations all done by Xebec. The character designs were ok, animations felt pretty weird for a 2000 show, but at least they did a better job at this one over Negi Magi. Character designs were changed in Love Hina Again and so did the animations, it feels pretty ok.

Music is great. BGMs felt good for awhile, but it starts to feel very repetitive for some reason. OP and ED were decent.

VAs is a great list. Ueda Yuji, Horie Yui, Yukino Satsuki, Kurata Masayo, Asakawa Yuu, Takagi Reiko, Noda Junko, Hayashibara Megumi, Nozawa Masako, Matsumoto Yasunori, Kobayashi Yumiko, Kuwatani Natsuko, Hisakawa Aya, Okiayu Ryotaro, Shiratori Yuri, Nagasawa Miki, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Mizuki Nana. Its a great list. Horie Yui’s voice here with her normal girl voice fits so well now. The rest did their jobs too.

Score: LH | Xmas | Spring | Agaiin

Story: 8/10 | 7/10 | 7/10 | 7/10

Art: 7/10 | 7/10 | 7/10 | 8/10

Music: 8/10 | 9/10

VAs: 9/10

Not recommended for people who absolutely hates slice-of-lives that has nothing happening in the end.



One response to “Time to go old school: Love Hina

  1. Still liking the OP after all these years.

    I think the anime adaption was rather poor. The manga probably codified and defined the genre of a romcom harem as whole, but the series seems boring and unoriginal by today’s standards. Similar to how Seinfield was breaking new ground at the time but now is (probably) outdone by modern shows.

    Then again, the Love Hina anime doesn’t really go anywhere either way.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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