The Mirror Tries to Kill Zombies: The Walking Dead (Telltale)

Hello all, time for some game reviews since I did a large anime watching marathon.

Most of you are familiar with this game, so lets the get the review started.

Story moves pretty much totally different from the TV and comic, with all new characters. Story spans for 5 eps, and each ep is averaging about 1-2hrs depending on how fast you move and execute. Treat this game like a visual novel with a lot of interaction involved, because, whatever choice you make, it does affect your future episodes. The interaction isn’t really a lot so the game isn’t really intense.

Storyline is pretty well done, for an original story, it does feel immersive and sometimes emotional, seeing the bond between Lee and Clementine does sweeten things up a lot, until the ending comes with the feels hammer. The pacing is pretty decent, sometimes slow, but never fast, but you will have no problem catching up. Character development is pretty high which make a lot of emotions going through you mind while playing. Plot twists are all over the place which does surprise me. Playing the game blindly will make the experience even more fun, because you will never know which choice will affect your ending and future episodes, and everyone will have different endings to the game. The game length is pretty ok for me, all 5 eps took me about 8-9 hours to complete, may seem to be a quick game, but I took longer than it should, so if you are good enough, you shouldn’t take that long to finish the game.

Graphics is pretty light, even with max settings the game still doesn’t use much resources. What I find lacking is borderless windowed mode, more advanced graphical settings and better graphics. Everything is pretty simple, so it’s aimed more on the mainstream audience who doesn’t know how the other settings work. Character designs were excellent.

Interface is pretty minimal. You only need to press a few buttons to finish something, which makes the game very easy to play. But the game is here to tell a great story, not really to make the game over intensive and you start facing difficulties finishing the game.

Music is decent. BGMs queues according to your atmosphere.

The voice acting in the game is great. Their chemistry was excellent enough to make a smooth flowing story.


Story: 8/10

Graphics: 6.5/10

Interface: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Highly recommended for both Walking Dead and non-Walking Dead fans top play this game, tells another story of how the apocalypse happen to another group of people with different personalities.

I chose not to write individual episode analysis is mainly because of spoilers. It’s so great that I don’t wanna spoil anyone who hasn’t played it yet.

More posts tomorrow.

2 responses to “The Mirror Tries to Kill Zombies: The Walking Dead (Telltale)

  1. The Walking Dead is a great video game series. I’ve never actually played it. I’ve watched a lot of let’s play’s on Youtube. I’ve watched so many that I feel like I know the series! XD

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