Stars, Moon and the Universe: Planetarian

Yoohoo, I kinda dragged the review a lot longer to wait for the movie to pass down any judgement.

Origin from a VN. Splitted into 2 adaptations, an OVA and a movie. OVA lasted for 5 eps with 14-24mins of length. The movie lasted for 117mins. I will be covering both media.


The OVA looks pretty poorly made. The story critically lacked depth and feels pretty monotonous. It failed to harness enough atmosphere to make it a tragic show. I wished for more tragedy. 5 eps of uneven length feels really weird as some eps are long, some are short. Ending felt really empty and hollow and quite inconclusive too. 5ep was a short but felt really wasted as the source material was way better.


The movie comes in as some sort of a sequel and a retelling of the main story. The main plot here happens 50 years in the future after the OVA storyline. This one felt more deep to be honest. It expanded a lot that the story felt more immersive. The retelling of the main story felt more condensed but way more intense than the OVA. The movie timing may be tight, but it felt longer than it should be. The ending of its retelling felt a lot more tragic than it was supposed to be. Movie ends also on quite a heavy note. Overall, I definitely loved the movie more as you can tell.

Animations by David Production for both, but 2 different teams made the OVA and movie. The character designs and animations are a lot better in the movie, especially Yumemi.

Music is fine for both. Orito Shinji’s music is superb.

VAs is a pretty decent list. The OVA only had 2 characters but the movie expanded the cast a lot more. Ono Daisuke, Suzuki Keiko, Hikasa Yoko, Tsuda Minami, Ishigami Shizuka, Sato Rina. Pretty much did their roles well.

Scores: OVA | Movie

Story: 7/10 | 8.5/10

Art: 7/10 | 8/10

Music: 8/10

VAs: 8/10

Recommended for people to watch the movie instead of the OVA. The OVA lacked a lot of crucial details yet the movie delivers.

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