Spring 2017: First Impressions

Hey guys! After a few weeks later, finally gotten all my first eps into place. Time to make a very long post. Because some of the shows are already on their 2nd ep already by the time I wrote this, might as well just add them in, so that it wont feel outdated.


Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism

Watched 2 eps. I like the concept, setting can start to feel pretty overused but the story isn’t that interesting for me. After watching the 2nd ep, it starts to feel a bit generic because I pretty much can predict the storyline around the corner. I doubt I will enjoy this, but I will watch it for the combat sequences, at least the combat concepts seems pretty intriguing. OP and ED seems pretty… ok I guess. The only cast that brought me in is Hidaka Rina.


Clockwork Planet

2 eps into the show. I like this concept, it feels very unique for me. But storyline seems pretty uninspiring for me so far. The art also seems pretty unsuitable too, the character design is fine, just the art. I think Kinema Citrus and Orange, which both did Black Bullet together, should do this one. Xebec tends to screw up fast moving scenes which I don’t want to see for this one. Storyboard needs a lot of finetuning too. OP is great because fripSide. ED was fine. The cast list seems ok, Kakuma Ai again, but her voice here is fine so I will just let it pass.


Danmachi Gaidan: Sword Oratoria

I watched this pretty much for Ais. One ep in and the action picks up quite a bit already and ended right when the main series started. So far so good, only one ep in, people already started to hate it for no reason. I think its fine, prolly need around 2 more eps before I pass judgement. OP and ED were… ok. Cast list seems pretty appealing to me, so will stick to this show for awhile.



I hyped this for the longest time now because of Oreimo’s author’s new work. I hope for some kind of incest show as intense as Oreimo, but they are only siblings by law. But that’s fine for me. 2eps in already and I love it. This imouto is a huge transition from the Tsundere Kirino, which is a good one too. But the thing I don’t like is the brother voiced by Matsuoka Yoshitsugu, it’s starting to feel very common and bland now, like Kakuma Ai. Any alternatives you asked? Anyone, Hosoya Yoshimasa seems like a good actor for me. OP is great, ClariS is back to do the OP. I doubt the ED will be as variable as Oreimo, because that costs a lot to make, and they are pretty early to adapt the show compared to Oreimo. Compared to Eromanga-Sensei, they know that Oreimo sells a lot so they are confident of making a ton of EDs. Even the OP isn’t as variable as Oreimo anymore, what captures me into Oreimo is because of the amount of dedication they put into the show, no matter the ED, OP animations, just everything. Eromanga-sensei doesn’t feel cheap, but feels less dedicated. I initially wished AIC Build would come back to make this one instead, but A-1 took the job, I don’t mind, since I liked how they wrap up Oreimo S2. Can’t wait for more.


Frame Arms Girl

2 eps into this one, one of my first shows I watched for this season. Its been quite awhile since my last Zexcs show, so was kinda hyped. The cast is pretty nice. Hikasa Yoko voicing the main girl and possible waifu. OP seems fine and ED was decent. The funky 3DCGI didn’t really mix well with Zexcs art so it felt kinda awkward. Can’t wait for more, feels like mini Infinite Stratos without the dumb harem.


Fukumenkei Noise

1 ep into this one. I might like this, the storyline seems pretty… dark? Can’t pass judgement yet. The one thing I felt awkward was Hayami Saori, her voice may be suitable for the dialogue, but her singing voice was weird for me, I kind of cringed a little. Her voice isn’t exactly “nice”. The rest was fine. Saori sounded like she tried very hard to produce such a singing voice.


Hinako Note

2 eps in. This feels like Urara mixed with some Anne Happy. M.A.O voice seems pretty ok. I don’t really like her voice in here. To be honest, the only thing that brings me to watch the show is pretty much Ogura Yui’s voice. Her voice is incredibly suitable to her role, I love it. The art and character designs were well done. I might love this show for its laidback nature, but lets see how things goes.


Kyoukai no Rinne S3

So far so… erm… Rinne? It’s pretty slow for now, and 2 eps in, will wait for the real arc coming up pretty late into the series. Pretty much watching for the sake of completion.


Renai Boukun

2eps into this one and I love it a lot already. The yandere elements pretty much brought me in to watch the show. Numakura Manami’s voice here is great too. I pretty much laughed nearly all the time for the past 2 eps, I think I will love it a lot. OP and ED were great too.


Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records

2eps in. The story is progressing pretty nicely, I like how it’s turning out. Cast list is also pretty well picked. So far 2 eps in and no OP and ED yet, I’m not sure they are trying to pull off a Re:Zero or something.


Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata ♭

So far into Ep0 and 1. It seems ok so far, I didn’t really love S1, pretty much watched the shows for the legs and Eriri. S2 hopefully does bring more things onto the plate. OP and ED felt worse that S1 for me. Enjoying the show might be hard again for me.


Sakura Quest

Part 1 of the Sakura series of the season. Following Hanasaku Iroha and Shirobako, P.A.Works bring you the 3rd part of their “Working life” series with Sakura Quest. 2 eps into the show and its still pretty slow, like its predecessors. Cast list seems pretty well-picked. I love how it goes. Overall, it felt like Hanasaku Iroha with Shirobako and a pinch of Tari Tari. I will enjoy this one, if they don’t screw it up. I wish this show will follow it predecessors and go 2 cours straight up.


Sakurada Reset

Part 2 of the Sakura series of the season, Sakurada Reset. 2 eps into the show and I think its fine. Many people already hated the show, I called them a bit too early to judge. This show has 2 cours and planning to cover the entire novel with it. This show deserves patience because David Production may not have the best artworks, but their adaptations rarely screw up. The cast with their dialogue is still pretty bland now, but it’s not as repetitive and naggy as Mahouka, and the story progression is pretty quick too. 2eps in and the arc is over. OP was great, Makino Yui’s song never fails to suit this show’s atmosphere. ED was decent. Animations and character designs were pretty ok. If you are impatient, I think you can just skip this show, because I will defend this show till the end. It’s better than watching generic comedies which always ended inconclusively.


Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

Or SukaSuka for short. Well, asking 3 questions straight up in a title is like Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka? I will watch the movie, it looks promising. (And yeah, they are not related whatsoever, but just can feel the relation in naming their titles.)

I wish the show goes straight apocalyptic. It feels pretty tragic and dark so far with just 1 ep into it. Hopefully they will adapt the entire light novel with 12 eps since its only 5 volumes. Cast list seems decent. People who talked about OST being “the best of all time” or whatsoever are just bandwagon hoppers. When Kimi no Na Wa was showing back then, people said the OST was the best and now this happens. These people needs to stop, things come and goes old everytime. It’s not exactly the “best”, but was just excellently composed. Satelight and C2C’s art and character designs were pretty excellent. I wish they will adapt SukaMoka after this one, because I like the theme, setting and concept.



Feels like Kamisama Hajimemashita to be honest, but inverted. 2 eps into this one. I like the comedy so far. OP and ED were decent. Can’t wait for more.


Tsuki ga Kirei

I think this show has the potential to be AOTS for me, if it goes 2 cour. 2eps into the show and I think the pacing is a bit on the slow side. This show might turn people off because of its slight melodramatic feel. I have been waiting for such shows for years, and someone finally delivers. The main reason why I picked this show up is because of Kishi Seiji, the director who did Yuuki Yuuna and Angel Beats. If they only intend to make just 1 cour, it will feel rather rushed and shallow. Can’t wait for more, the story develops slow, but its fine. And again, not recommended for impatient people, because the ending of this will be pretty rewarding for me,


Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho

Re:Zero 2.0? I guess not. Coincidentally, its made by White Fox too. Watched the 1st ep. The character designs are decent, but the beast art seems… like a cartoon? Storyline wise, its hard to judge because I’m kind of lost with the story. Concept and setting seems confusing too.


This wraps up my over excessively long first impressions post. So far the season is still looking pretty good so far, most of the shows appealed to me. I just realized something, I’m not watching a single short this season, which is kind of surprising. More posts coming tomorrow.

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  1. Wow…I have trouble keeping up with one show. Amazing the amount of shows that you are following. Total respect 😀 This was a great post, loved reading this great overview and gives me a good choice as to what to pick next 😀

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